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2018 WW: Teleports in Cybalounge, in location and to another location

Teleports in Cybalounge, in location 
and to another location 
Updated 4/7/2018
You can set the landing point in Cybalounge, but the area is 512 X 512 meters (512 meters = about 1/3 mile). You may have important places scattered all over that area. People want to go fast. For that you need a teleporter prim.
Get a teleporter prim


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          Get the teleporter prim 

          • See the screen shot above:
          • Stand where you want the teleporter.
          • Click the crossed tools (bottom line).
          • Click the ground to open the build controls.
          • Click Special
          • Click Add Teleporter

          Set the target for the teleporter

          • Click the teleporter object to select it.
          • Click Attributes.
          • Click Teleporter.
          • Set the coordinates.  
          • X and Z can range from -25600 to +25600.
          • (Units are centimeters.  Coordinates are relative to grid center: 0,0 )
          • Y is up-down.  Set it above the target.  The exact point is unimportant
          • The avatar will fall (harmlessly ) to the target.
          Set target coordinates

          Test the teleport
          • On click, an avatar is moved to the coordinates

          To get the coordinates of a place

          • Open preferences
          • In General tab scroll down to "Display Debug Popup"
          • Check the box on that item.
          • Save
          • Avatar location appears near top center after you save.
          Get avatar location
          Click image to enlarge

          Use this feature to

          • Bring in an object to where you want it. 
          • Get the coordinates for an area where you are building.
          • Get the coordinates of the place you want to put something.
          • Get the coordinates for a teleport

          Teleport to a different location

          • In the previous screen shot "Set target coordinates , note TargetLocation
          • It is set to zero, indicating that the TP is within the current location.
          • It can be set to the location ID of another world to load that world.
          How to get the location ID of a world

          • Below, I inserted the location ID I got from aGAP
          Put the target location ID 
          in the teleporter attributes


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