Tuesday, April 10, 2018

WW: MUSIC: Dual streaming to Open Sim and 3DWebWorldz

Dual streaming to Open Sim and 3DWebWorldz
Successful demo of streaming a performance into a web-world as well as OpenSim.  James Olmos, a regular at the Warehouse on the OpenSim.life grid, performed there and at the (duplicate) warehouse in 3DWebworldz.  Local chat was shared between the 2 sites.  Web-worlds are connecting to OpenSim,
James Olmos performs 
in 3DWebWorldz


Why web-worlds?

  • They run in a browser. No download, no install, no register.
  • Visit on impulse--no password to look up.
  • You can invite your technophobic relatives. 
  • They run on almost anything that runs a browser--Chromebook, iPad, tablet.
  • Quick click: ease of access.

Why virtual worlds?

  • We can have instruments and animations.
  • We can have beautiful stages and costumes.
  • We can dance here. With an animation instead of lessons.
  • We already have friends interested in this kind of performance.

Why shared chat between worlds?

  • Shared chat means that the audiences watch together and talk together.
  • They can be jazz fans, blues fans, opera fans, or whatever.  
  • They are no longer inworlders and outworlders.  
  • Those virtual worlds are not the objective, they are the transportation.

The trick to open the streaming page

Hover the red circle over the sign

About James Olmos

It doesn’t matter if he is serving original ballads or catchy covers; James’s soothing guitar, harmonious voice, and lyrical prowess will take you on a musical dream not to be missed! Covering songs from Eric Clapton to Norah Jones; Gun’s N Roses to John Mayer as well as ORIGINALS that will leave you BREATHLESS!!
  • WHO: James Olmos
  • HYPERGRID Address:  grid.opensim.life:8002:Inspiration Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click Find, TP
  • WHEN: Friday 4/06/18, 7:00 PM Pacific Time. (Previous)
  • WHERE:  Warehouse Gameroom on Inspiration Island
  • DRESS:  Casual.  Come as you are, but cover your bits!
  • This show is over, but you can still visit the Warehouse.
  • And there will be more shows there.
Olmos on stage in OpenSim
James Olmos on guitar

Is the same warehouse in 2 places?

  • Just about.  Mesh works in both places.
  • If newcomers get comfortable in a web-world place, 
  • we want to have the same place for them to come in OpenSim.
Warehouse in OpenSim
  • HYPERGRID Address:  grid.opensim.life:8002:Inspiration Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click FindTP
Warehouse in 3DWebWorldz
  • 3DWebWorldzSelect warehouse from the drop-down menu.
  • No show now, of course, but there will be another one in time.
  • Now if we could just find some comedy acts


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