Sunday, April 1, 2018

WW: Cybalounge improves the entry page. Adds pick entry place and safe mode

Cybalounge improves the entry page. 
Adds pick entry place and safe mode.
New Cybalounge entry page gives you drop-down list of optional entry places and a safe mode to enter your place when a problem item prevents normal entry.  
New Cybalounge entry page. 
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  • Note the Non-profit in the title. This server is in the US.
  • The grid is specifically intended for the use of non-profit organizations
  • I expect to give early adopters on this grid support for some production grids.  

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The drop-down public places list

The drop-down public places list
  • The places listed are the same as in this article:
  • Cybalounge tutorial: Visit public worlds
  • They are ordered by amount of use, most heavily used first
  • If you want to go to a place other than your last location:
  • Click the place you want to visit, putting it into the destination bar.
  • You may have to clear browser cache to get the update immediately,

The Safe Mode

  • Rarely, something can go wrong that keeps you from entering your place.
  • Then check the Safe mode box and login. 
  • The Safe mode turns off the operations most likely to cause problems.  
  • If you get in, delete the last object you rezzed or the last object you clicked on.
  • That should fix the problem.  Logout and Login normally to see if you can get in.


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