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2017 WW: EDU: PROMO: Talk show, presentation facilities available on the web

Talk show, presentation facilities available on the web
Updated 9/24/2017
Meaning: here is a talk show set you can come to on a Chrome browser.  You come as an avatar, talk to a few others or just talk by yourself.  You can live stream the talk to whatever size audience you have.  And for now, all this is free. 
Demo talk show set in Cybalounge
  • Go to Cybalounge.  You don't need to register.  Enter as guest.
  • Click the pushpin (bottom line) and scroll down to the Web Show world.
  • Wait a bit for the set to load and voice to connect.  
  • Click the Mic (bottom line) to turn on voice.
  • You can talk with your guests, record video, put it on YouTube or elsewhere.
  • Or you can stream live.   Free for now.  
  • The web show: a magazine from the virtual worlds
  • Instructions after the break.
More after the break

Metaverse events, recent and upcoming 


Select a location in Cybalounge

Cybalounge location selection window

Can we put our own graphic on the screen?

  • Yes, if you have rez powers in this world.  
  • The arrangements are yet to be made, but Cybalounge will support it.
  • The most likely arrangement is that you register and get your own world.
  • (Your own world is free so far.)
  • You then get or build your own set in your own world.
  • Instructions for building in Cybalounge. are here: 
  • Browser-viewer, progress and possibilities: Summary
  •  I may have the components to give you.
  • It is likely this set will be soon available as a template you can buy.
  • Note that there may be restrictions on what you can display as images.

Is there anyone to help me?

  • I expect to be in Cybalounge weekdays, 10 to 10:30 am California time.
  • Or leave a comment on this blog.  
  • If you need someone to read a script, I may be able to help you.
  • If you have your own place, you can present videos and web pages.  
  • That is drag and drop.  You don't need instructions. 
  • But you do need to be in your place as the registered avatar.
  • Building a talk-show set in Cybalounge: Tutorial

How do you record?

  • Most video recording software will record from a window or selected screen area.  
  • In Windows 10 you can use this method:
  • Convienient video capture in Windows 10--any window
  • Open the window you want to capture.
  • Press the Win key+g
  • If you want to capture voice, be sure to click the microphone box,
  • Don't bother with the red record dot. Let the start panel go away.
  • When you are ready to record, press Win+Alt+r.  That starts the recording.
  • To stop recording, press Win+Alt+r again.  
  • The recording will be in mp4 in a folder called Captures in your Videos folder.
  • Open Broadcaster Software will not easily record from web-worlds yet.
  • The feature is disabled because it won't work for everyone.
  • Yes, because a few people could not use it, nobody can use it.
  • You may be able to record with OBS if you record full screen.

Can I bring an audience into the world?

  • Not at this time.  The browser will not allow enough memory for many avatars.
  • For the present, you could stream to a live audience.
  • I suggest you would have more effect by capturing video and putting it on YouTube.
  • Then your audience can be in any time zone and on any work schedule.  

But how could we get questions from the audience?  

  • Think of your presentation as a conversation, not a speech.
  • Your announcement starts the conversation.  
  • Ask in advance what people want to hear from you. 
  • Invite them to send questions and requests for information.  
  • You could do it in a blog post giving your outline and suggested readings.
  • Invite those interested to ask questions in the comment section of the blog.

But what about the questions after the presentation?

  • A conversation does not end after one exchange.  
  • Post the video of your presentation on your blog with the same invitation as above.
  • You can answer those questions on the blog or in another video.
  • Presentations in a virtual world are not like conventions.
  • Why a MOOC is better than a conference.
  • You don't need to shave or put on make-up.  
  • You can do it in the privacy of your own home office.

Suggested Talk Shows

Real people in virtual worlds

  • Conversations with people doing things in virtual worlds.
  • Probably not just talk, but videos selected by the guests.
  • Openly promotional, aimed at showing what we do in virtual worlds.
  • Guests would be people with virtual world activities they want to promote.  

Public service conversations

  • Conversations with public service organizations in virtual worlds.
  • They tell their public service story.  
  • They answer public service questions.
  • They talk with people who want to find out about services offered.
  • Conversations are not limited to people who can get into virtual worlds.
  • Almost anyone with a browser can get into a web-world.

Real education from the virtual worlds

  • Conversations with educators working in virtual worlds.
  • And with educators interested in working in virtual worlds.  
  • Web-worlds are open to anyone with a browser.  


Web-worlds in use


Building in Cybalounge

Tutorials on building in Cybalounge

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