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2018 WW: HG: Web-worlds as gateway to OpenSimulator

Web-worlds as gateway to OpenSimulator
Web-worlds offer an easy opportunity for people to try out virtual worlds without going to any trouble.  They run in a browser, need only graphics support available on any modern computer (and good tablets), and cost little more than a web site.   They can offer a sample of the experience of a virtual world.
Warehouse in 3DWebWorldz
  • 3DWebWorldz:  Go to the trains, select the Live Music boxcar 
  • No show now, of course, but there will be another one in time.
  • Now if we could just find some comedy acts


  • OpenSimulator  is a system to produce 3D simulated worlds on a user's computer.  
  • It consists of a simulator on a server and a viewer running on the user's computer.   
  • The system lets users create, scriptplace, and use objects in a simulated world.
  • Open simulator grids are provided by many sources.
  • Many grids are connected by the Hypergrid letting users travel among grids,


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Web-worlds as gateway to OpenSimulator

Advantages of web-worlds as virtual environments

  • Available on a browser; nothing to download and install,
  • Accessible on IT controlled computers (since nothing is installed).
  • Accessible on a chrome book or (newer) tablet.
  • Web level security; can meet any privacy requirements that a web page can meet
  • Impulse access with guest mode: No registration, no password. 
  • You can  show anyone your web-world on their machine.  
  • Even your grandmother can get there if she can get to a web page.

What do installed virtual worlds (OpenSim) offer in addition?

  • Vastly greater memory (browsers limit the memory of web-worlds).
  • User scripting (web-worlds are scripted in Java Script.)
  • Extensive animation libraries
  • Objects looking like people, able to do simple animations by themselves (NPCs)
  • Extensive content in use by experienced user communities.
  • Existing connections (Hypergrid), markets (Kitely Market) and economies.
  • Well-established communities of interest in fields such as education and technology.

Marketing strategy

  • Start in easy-access web-worlds.
  • Learn how to move, talk to people, and enjoy the web-world.
  • We can share events with the installed worlds.
  • Dual streaming to Open Sim and 3DWebWorldz
  • We can share text chat between the worlds.  
  • We can voice chat, too (TBD).
  • We can live-stream activities to show what we do in the installed worlds.
  • We can show videos of what we have done in installed worlds.
  • We can send you to Kitely Market to look at what we sell in the installed worlds.
  • We can duplicate objects and buildings (both worlds can build with mesh).

Example: duplicate entertainment venues

  • The Warehouse at the top of this article is a duplicate of  one in OpenSim.
Warehouse in OpenSim
  • HYPERGRID Address:  grid.opensim.life:8002:Inspiration Island
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map, click FindTP

What can you do in a web-world?

Learn to move your avatar (Cybalounge)

  • Up arrow to move forward
  • Down arrow to move backward
  • Left or right arrows to turn

Learn to communicate

Suggested use case: embedded in a grid entry page

  • Walk into the web world.  Try it on impulse.  Enter as guest.
  • No registration. No password.  Just come in and chat. 
  • (On entry, notice sent to volunteers on the grid who will respond and welcome.)
  • Welcomer: helps people get started in the web world--and in the grid.
  • Talks people through download and install viewer, register, and start in the grid.
  • Welcomer can tell newcomer how to get to the desired destination.
  • Provide schedule of events, including a welcomer time before events. 

If you are interested in web-worlds...



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