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Cybalounge building: location settings
When you register in Cybalounge, you get a free location (world) to start building in.   You will want to name it and set some controls on the way it operates.   Here is how.

Top of the location settings panel

What you can do

  • Give a name  and description for your world
  • Change the landing point for entry.
  • Be sure  to save
  • Further down on the panel:
  • Allow construction
  • Set the number of avatars
  • Set mail notifications
  • Appoint administrators
  • Appoint members
  • Ban users/IP's
  • Announce events
  • Other items may be added

Building in Cybalounge

    Cybalounge controls on the right
    Middle of the settings panel

    Middle of the settings panel

    • Private: Worlds are private by default.  
    • If you want let other people in, uncheck Private.
    • You probably want to check construction allowed. 
    • The worlds may not show shadows at this time.
    • Mail notifications: You get notice by email when someone comes in.
    • If you have that email address set to alert you to new email, you can go greet them.
    • The email can go just to you or to administrators and members also.
    • Choose administrators: they have almost the same powers as you.
    • Choose members: They have limited powers.  
    • Members can ban and probably build.
    • You choose these from people registered in the Cybalounge nonprofit section.
    • Note that Cybalounge has more than one section.  
    • You see only the people in the nonprofit section.

    Under the Events button
    • Events appear on the home page (Events) and on the Event tab of this panel

    What might be added?

    • Music stream setting.
    • Set ground texture.
    • List of current objects, with locations.
    • Day-night cycle (on or off)
    • Keep voice connection from entry world. 
    • (Add your suggestions in comments on this article.)


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