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2017 WW: BIZ: Monetizing user-built web-worlds

Monetizing user-built web-worlds
The technical feasibility of virtual worlds on a browser is well demonstrated.  A capability for user-built web-worlds is emerging in Cybalounge. This is somewhat like what Second Life offered  in 2004.  Can it be monetized as Second Life was back then?  


  • A web-world is a 3D world in a browser page.  
  • You just go there as you would to a flat browser page.  

  • Web-worlds don't need a grid--they have web-addresses.  
  • But they can be usefully aggregated in a user-built environment.
  • The environment can provide tools and resources that users need for building.
  • It can bring together sellers and buyers in an environment that supports exchanges.
  • Dieter Heyne has built such an environment in Cybalounge.  
  • He presently offers free worlds there.  Register there and you get one free world.
  • Some people may want more.  He could think of leasing additional worlds.

  • Anyone who has built in virtual world could build in Cybalounge.  
  • Video capture: Convienient video capture in Windows 10--any window
  • Google community: 3D web-worlds of the browser

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  • Cybalounge is nearing the point where it is time to think about monetizing it.
  • Dieter Heyne owns all the rights so he will decide on the monetizing.
  • But others may want to offer investments or investment agreements.
  • Or others may want to contract with him for use of the Cybalounge software.
  • Some may even want to consider developing their own user-built web-world.
  • Others probably have the technical skills to do what Cybalounge can do.
  • But Dieter is first mover with several years lead in the developed Cybalounge.


Monetizing follows the grid model

  • Cybalounge offers leased worlds for a charge.
  • A leased world is like a current world except you get multiple worlds for a fee.
  • Maybe you also get a collection of template worlds to modify for your purposes.
  • Maybe $10 (USD) gets you 5-10 worlds and some file space for inventory. 
  • But that pricing is just my speculation. 
  • At those prices, technical assistance would probably cost extra.
  • This is likely to be the starting model, but what if Cybalounge gets popular?
  • Dieter might hire people and expand the business.

Monetizing follows the software model

  • Dieter leases the software to one or several operators who run their own grids.
  • Dieter is hired by the operators as consultant.
  • The operators may compete on services: speed, grid inventory, etc.
  • The operators handle details of marketing and operating.
  • This model could be of interest if Cybalounge develops a large market.

Monetizing follows the Venture Capitalist model

  • Venture capitalists put up money to finance fast development and wide promotion.
  • This kind of interest could develop if Cybalounge gets to be widely known. 
  • It is too far away to speculate on what might emerge from that.

Who might want a user-built virtual world? 

  • People from the existing virtual worlds: a gateway into the "real" virtual worlds.
  • Public service organizations with volunteers ready to promote their projects.
  • Marketers wanting to provide an online sales floor or store front.


How would the grid model work?

  • People would "lease" web-worlds in Cybalounge.
  • Cybalounge presently provides tools for building in a Cybalounge web-world.
  • Cybalounge would provide template worlds to be imported into a leased world.
  • Example of a template world: Talk show set.
  • The set has all the generic features needed to run the show.  
  • You could make a video for YouTube with this:
  • Convienient video capture in Windows 10--any window
  • The user would want to replace the backdrop with something specific to the show.  
  • A video presentation on YouTube could be placed there, or a different graphic.  
  • This is the advantage of a user-built world.  The user can modify the world.  
  • No cost.  No waiting for service.  You just do it.

People would want custom building

  • Cybalounge would provide contacts to builders with experience in Cybalounge.
  • That would include custom avatars, animations, and scripted objects.
  • Custom work would cost extra.  

What if you want a professionally built and managed web-world?

  • can provide a complete web-world.
  • Follow the link above to see a sample.  

What Cybalounge could offer

Bundled aggregation (like a grid)

  • Web worlds with tools for user-building
  • Tech support
  • Documentation
  • System development and services
  • Software development (Like Cybalounge)
  • World templates that can be used with little modification.
  • Compliance with standards.
  • Voice options (free and not free)

Unbundled aggregation 

  • Asset marketing (like Kitely Market).
  • Communication among users.
  • Share assets among users. 
  • Carry assets across worlds.
  • Cooperative promotion.
  • Cooperative marketing services (building and greeting).
  • Prefab worlds and contents.
  • Services: live streaming, video capture and publishing, etc. 

    Examples of products and services



    Web-worlds in use



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