Tuesday, March 13, 2018

2018 WW: BIZ: How to get around in 3DWebWorldz. The Video Tutorials

How to move in 3DWebWorldz.  The Video Tutorial
The 3DWebWorldz site is ready to provide commercial services.  This tutorial offers instructions on how to get around in a 3D web site.  (Most of the instructions will apply to most such sites.) 

Visit a 3D Website and walk inside. Visit as a registered user or a guest, no personal information required. Visit the art gallery, school, live music venue and more. New worldz being created every day. https://3DWebWorldz.com

Who would be interested?

  • Businesses that sell products that sell better in 3D.
  • Schools preparing courses in which 3D plays a major part.
  • Museums with exhibits that are inherently 3D.
  • Architects wanting to give clients a full 3D experience of their products. 
  • Leisure places wanting to give prospects a 3D experience of their offerings.
  • Senior care facilities wanting to offer easier contact with residents and family.
  • Interior decorating services wanting to show their results in 3D,
  • Landscapers wanting to show customers what they can do.
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