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2014 ART: UWA Art & Film Challenges with L$1.03 Mil in Prizes, early entries

UWA Art & Film Challenges 
with L$1.03 Mil in Prizes
Early entries
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MachinimUWA VI Film Challenge & 5th UWA Grand Art Challenge.   Entries Close at Midnight SLT 31st October 2014. 
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  • MachinimUWA VII, Video Challenge
  • 5th UWA Grand Art Challenge
  • Prize pool of L$505,000 each. 
  • Total prize pool: L$1,030,000 (approx USD $4,000), may increase


  • Tom Papas & SciFi Film Festival
  • LaPiscean Liberty & SL Artist
  • AviewTV
  • Arrehn Oberlander and MetaHarpers
  • Kip Yellowjacket and Virtlantis
  • Taralyn Gravois and Arts Castle Gallery
  • TheDoveRhode and Peace is a Choice and S&S Gallery of Fine SL Art
  • Jon Stubbs & UWA Student Services
  • The UWA Virtual Worlds Project. 

Full disclosure by Selby Evans/Thinkerer Melville

In this blog, I will embed selected videos and report on art submitted to these challenges .  For videos, I favor YouTube.  Vimeo deletes videos sometimes, apparently because they do not get enough hits.  I have not known YouTube to do that.  For that reason, I only embed videos from YouTube on this blog. 
I will also be a judge in the challenges.  I see no conflict of interest in this but will drop out of the judging if anyone points out a credible issue .  My selections for inclusion in this blog will be based on what I think is of special interest to my readers; my judging for the challenges will be based on different criteria.  
Arrival point
  • Lots of space for your art 
  • There is more room for displays in the air above
  • Entries Close at Midnight SLT 31st October 2014. 
Transcending Borders
Ginger Lorakeet
  • Is that a glass wall in front of me?
Walk-in art
  • Transcending borders
The Yellow House, Dusty Canning

Click image to enlarge
A painting you can walk into
The Yellow House, by Vincent van Gogh
Transcending the 3d border
Have a seat
The street you don't see
The courtyard, beyond the entrance
The view from the painting
Chat with the residents
You just have to be there 
  • Visit displays in the air--too large to fit into the gallery room


Items submitted 


News and Notes

  • OSgrid down 
  • More news in my blog roll (column on the right)

Events in the virtual worlds  


      Contests and dated calls/invitations

      The theme is 'TRANSCENDING BORDERS.' Artists & filmmakers can interpret the theme as they see fit. Whether transcending borders between time and space, past and present, one nation and another, one language and another, a culture or civilisation or any other of the innumerable borders that present themselves as we navigate our lives. You the artist... You the machinimatographer...You decide.
      Entries Close at Midnight SLT 31st October 2014. Winner will be announced in December 2014.   First entries 

      Newcomer Help in Virtual Worlds. 



      Video-Machinima in virtual worlds

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