Monday, December 30, 2013

2014 PROMO: Top five Social Media sites to promote your virtual world projects.

Top five Social Media sites 
to promote your virtual world projects. 
Top five Social Media sites to promote your virtual world projects and links to how to use them
Social Networking
Last year, I posted
  • Use social media to promote your blogs
  • This year, new features have been added.
  • And I have had more experience with using things.
  • And one site has shown performance declines.
  • So it is time for an update and a ranking.
  1. Google+:  Best all around, best professionals and geeks
  2. Facebook:  Most people, good groups  
  3. Twitter:  Best for short promotions and embedded Tweets  
  4. MySL:  Good, but only for Second Life
  5. LinkedIn: Best for professionals
1. Google+

4. MySL
5. Linkedin
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