Saturday, October 14, 2017

2018 WW: Cybalounge tutorial: Contacts with people: Your friends list and more

Cybalounge tutorial: 
Contacts with people:  
Your friends list and more
Updated 6/2/2018

An advantage of a user-built virtual world is that you can find users who are building.  At least you can if you can use the contact support.  Cybalounge offers that support and you can use it to make friends, exchange messages, offer teleport, exchange inventory items, or give people manager powers in your place. 

How do you interact with people?


Make friends for easier contact

  • Click the people button: 3 people standing in a line.
  • Click the "All Users" tab
  • Click the + button to offer friendship
  • They will see the offer next time they are online
People window
All users
  • The people nearby tab lists people in the place you are in.  
  • With these people, you can start a text chat, see their profile, or offer friendship.
  • Names in green mark users who are logged in at the time.

Send and receive messages

  • Click the friends tab in the people window.

People window
  • If the recipient is online in Cybalounge, the message is delivered immediately.
  • If the recipient is not online in Cybalounge, message is delivered when they log in.

Send and receive things from inventory

  • Open inventory (Briefcase button)

Give them powers to build or ban on your land




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