Monday, February 11, 2019

2019 WW: EDU: Instachat in 3DWebWorldz: Text quickly presented on screen

Instachat in 3DWebWorldz:  
Text quickly presented on screen
InstaChat makes for quick communication in 3DWebWorldz.  Makes it easy to ask questions or give information.
 InstaChat controls

  • The InstaChat button toggles the display on and off.
  • When toggled, the display loses its contents.
  • To keep text inside the "bubble," hit ENTER before text runs out of the text bar.
  • To check your display use the mirror button.
  • To try it: 3DWebWorldz
  • 3DWW is social VW. How to start
InstaChat display 
as seen by others
  • InstaChat displays above the avatar.
  • Students can use it to ask questions quietly.
  • Instructors can use it to answer questions.
  • Welcomers can use it to give starting instructions to newcomers.
  • The text always faces the camera.  So each user sees it face on.
  • The bubble is red in this display, but will be white in the next update.


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