Saturday, February 2, 2019

2019 WW: EDU: Convergence: OpenSim and web-worlds

OpenSim and web-worlds 
How OpenSim and web-worlds are coming together to produce a better user experience in both places.
Starting place writer's workshop

Convergence elements

  • Share social media
  • Share events
  • Gateway
  • OARS
  • Same avatars
  • Shared local chat
  • Shared voice

OpenSim and web-worlds converge 

Share social media

  • Social media are for communities, not grids. web pages, or physical addresses.
  • Social media includes them all and talks about them all.
  • Shared experience in social media promotes both OpenSIm and web-worlds.

Share events in OpenSim and web-worlds

Gateway:  Use a web-world to promote a grid

Copy an OpenSim region to a web-world

Have the same avatars in OpenSim and web-worlds

  • Can be (has been) done as a custom job by a skilled avatar creator.

Shared local chat

Shared voice

  • Low tech: A web-world can run at the same time as OpenSim. 
  • We can hear voice from both places and talk in the one we choose.
  • Alternative: we all use Discord.

Why both?

  • Complementary characteristics
  • Web-worlds: Easy access, low cost equipment, no installation
  • OpenSim: More powerful scripting, more of everything.
  • Web-worlds can show people what 3D places are like.  
  • Web-worlds can build a web community that uses 3D.  
  • Web-worlds can help people get into OpenSim.

Web-worlds: background

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