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2018 WRT: Writer's 3D online workshop: Meet in your browser. Meet in a story scene. Working together apart.

Writer's online 3D workshop: 
Meet in the browser.  
Meet in a story scene. 
Working together apart.
Writer's workshop in a 3D world on the web. You can come in your browser.  You can come in a Chromebook.  You can come as you are.  You can talk to other writers.  You can get suggestions on promoting your work and marketing your book. You can use a 3D workshop we are developing to help generate plot ideas.  
Wednesday meeting, writer's workshop
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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


3DWebWorldz hosts writer's workshops

Meeting of the Wednesday Workshop
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  • Writer's workshops (group): Wednesdays, 6:30pm Pacific time (9:30 pm Eastern).  
  • Other workshops may be scheduled to fit participant needs.
  • Writer's workshops (solo):  Your call.  The website is open 24/7.
  • There will be clickable boxes that offer challenges for writers' to practice.
  • And suggestions on how to put your solo work into a group activity.

A second workshop may be in 3DWebWorldz on Mondays

  • Mondays: We gather at Greyville, on Nara's Nook, at 6 PM Pacific Time 
  • HG address:
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map. Click Find, TP
  • -
  • Recent exercises came from The 90-day novel, by Alan Watt
  • Current activity: Writer's Workshop development
  • Writing groups upload free OARS, creating a fictional world.
  • We use these worlds for practice of specific writing skills.
  • -
  • For scene development, we will use role playing in the environment.
  • For plot development, we will find idea packages and develop plots.
  • For character development, we will choose characters and enact them in role play.
  • An existing group of writers will start the workshops and develop exercises.
  • We will add exercises and suggestions to stimulate ideas for visitors. 


  • writing exercises
  • character sketches 
  • marketing techniques
  • sample readings with suggestions

Who would be interested

  • Writers 
  • Educators
  • Anyone expecting to communicate with others
  • Students of advertising, marketing, and promotion
  • Actors and others interested in theater.

Online writing communities

Why do it in a web world?

What will the participants do?

  • Practice ideation (getting plot ideas).
  • The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas to choose from.
  • Practice understanding characters.
  • (You have to speak for each character in your story).
  • Practice planning a storyline (plot development).
  • (You want the plot to be interesting and novel).
  • Practice planning a scene (scene development)
  • (Every scene has a goal.  You want to reach that for the reader.)  
  • Practice acting out characters in role-play.  
  • (You are going to have to write for them in the story.)
  • These practice sessions will be repeated over various kinds of stories.

Place exercises

Story Seeds

Grammar, punctuation, spelling editor




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