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2019 EDU: WW: CybaLOUNGE: credentials: Batch-Registration for Students

Cybalounge: credentials:  
Batch-Registration for Students
Batch registration of students, based on the class roster, is available in cybaLOUNGE.  Here is how.
Confirm upload of 
batch registration file
  • You prepare a batch registration file, preferably from the registrar's data.
  • Drag the batch registration file onto the 3D screen of cybaLOUNGE.
  • And the batch registration is done.  
  • The students should promptly enter with a starter password you give them.   
  • They enter a new password they make up and registration is complete.
  • You add new students by dropping a new file on cybaLOUNGE.
  • You clear the roster with a command (TBD) in the location management panel.
  • And then drop a new batch file on cybaLOUNGE.
  • Details on preparing the batch file after the break.
  • CybaLOUNGE
  • Web-worlds summary
Classes can be offered in cybaLOUNGE with little or no preparation as long as they do not need record-keeping.  Schools generally need records on individual students to provide credentials.   For that, students need to be registered under their real names and usually with their own passwords
If students have to register themselves, some will make errors that cause problems later.  Others will need help getting the registration done correctly.  The efficient way to avoid these problems is batch registration. 

Batch registration for the organized classroom

Schools may use organized classroom management system with roles of  professor, assistant, class leader, and regular students.  In cybaLOUNGE  the professor would have full power (access and modify) over everything in the unit.  Assistants might have full power over specified places (assigned classrooms and assistant rooms).  Class leaders might have some powers over the assigned classroom.  Regular students might have only access powers to the class region.  

The school would also have a commons place that everyone could visit.

The cybaLOUNGE system would handle the distribution of powers based on the role assignments given in the batch registration.    It is not necessary to assign all of these roles if they are not needed in classroom management.  

Details of the registration file

Note that the role names must be used exactly as shown to be recognized by the cybaLOUNGE system.  

Class level organization

  • Region: Like a classroom, but with appearance and content to suit the instruction.
  • Region administrators: The professor and authorized assistants.
  • Only the region administrators are allowed to perform batch registration.  
  • -
  • File Structure: A database with four columns.  The column headers are:  
  • LastName;FirstName;Group;Role;
  • The line above is an excerpt from the "CSV" export file.  
  • Note that the separator is semi-colon rather than comma.  
  • -
  • Illustrative data rows:
  • Smith;John;A1;GROUPLEADER;
  • Doe;Jane;A1;GROUPMEMBER;
  • John is assigned to group A1 and is a group leader there.
  • Jane is also assigned to group A1, but just as a member of the class.
  • -
  • The group assignment (A1) specifies access rights to the region assigned to A1.
  • That region is equivalent to the classroom assigned to the A1 class.
  • The GROUPMEMBER role
  • -
  • The role of group leader is assigned by the professor (probably).
  • A group leader has special authority and responsibility within the class.
  • A group leader may have special powers and access rights in the A1 region 

Instructor level Organization

  • The PROFESSOR is in charge of this and possibly other classes.
  • The role of professor allows full powers to all rooms in the unit.
  • The role of ASSISTANT might give full powers to a more limited set of rooms.
  • -
  • Illustrative data rows:
  • Smith;Adam;A1;PROFESSOR;
  • May;Theresa;A1;ASSISTANT;
  • Adam is assigned to group A1 and is PROFESSOR there.
  • Theresa is also assigned to group A1, and is ASSISTANT there.

Completing registration

  • As soon as the file is imported, all users will have access to the commons places.
  • They should login promptly using an initial password given to them.  
  • They should immediately change the password to one private to them. 
  • (In a future version of cybaLOUNGE, distinct individual passwords may be assigned.)


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