Friday, February 8, 2019

2019 EDU: WW: 3DWebWorldz: Web integration and how to use it

Web integration 
and how to use it 

How 3DWebWorldz , a browser-based three-dimensional place, is integrating its instructional offerings with the rest of the World Wide Web.
Social media buttons
on 3DWebWorldz
  • About 85% of US adults use the web.
  • Web-worlds use the web too, running in your browser.
  • Most of that 85% is using social media.
  • Here is how 3DWebWorldz is connecting to social media

Social medial buttons on 3DWebWorldz

  • Discord: social media for techies--text and voice
  • MeWe: social media for everyone
  • Patreon: support your local web-world
  • YouTube: tutorials for 3DWebWorldz
  • Submit a ticket: when you need help

Social media buttons and web-sending, details

  • In a webworld, you are already in your browser. 
  • A web destination is only a click or two away.
  • You can easily move back and forth between a webworld and another web page.
  • Web integration is about talking advantage of the web in your neighborhood.


  • DiscordThe Discord community for 3DWebWorldz.  
  • You can read the text chat and talk in the voice channel.   
  • There are sub-channels for events, writers, educators, and artists.  
  • If you are a writer, educator, or artist, introduce yourself and tell us your interests.
  • If you wonder about 3DWebWorldz or web-worlds in general, ask here.


  • MeWe: The 3DWebWorldz community on MeWe.
  • MeWe is a general social media product somewhat like Google+.
  • The people of virtual worlds are turning to MeWe now that G+ is ending.
  • The 3DWebWorldz community has articles and chats about 3DWebWorldz.
  • If you are a writer, educator, or artist, introduce yourself and tell us your interests.
  • If you wonder about 3DWebWorldz or web-worlds in general, ask here.


  • Patreoncarries articles about how to use 3DWebworldz.
  • And invites you to support the development of this educational site on the web.

YouTube tutorials

Submit a ticket about a technical problem

  • If you find a bug or have a technical problem, submit a ticket.
  • The best places to ask questions are Discord and MeWe.


  • Web-sending: Giving people a clickable web link that takes them to the page.


  • You have a 3DWebWorldz place.
  • You have web pages you want visitors or students to see, read, respond to.
  • You build your library of links.
  • Here's how:  Building your Link Library
  • You gather all those questions you have to answer for new people.
  • You put them on the web (maybe in your class or project blog).
  • You put objects with appropriate links in your 3DWebWorldz place.
  • If someone asks, you point them to the object with the answers.  
  • They hover the red circle over the object and get to open the web page. 
  • Better yet, you don't have to be there.  They can get the answers themselves.


  • You can't anticipate everything people will ask. 
  • And they may ask in a place where you don't have your link objects at hand.
  • You may have answered in your class or project blog.  
  • So you know where the answer is. You need a way to give the link immediately.
How to send a web link 
  • Click the Chat and Radar button.
  • Copy the url from the address bar of the browser.
  • In region chat, paste the url.

 Region chat shows web link url
  • Expressions that start with http become web links people can click.

Some educational resources on the web

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