Friday, December 14, 2018

2018 EDU: WW: Quests and quizzes support in 3DWebWorldz--the three e's: exercise, engagement, evaluation

Quests and quizzes support in 3DWebWorldz
--the three e's: exercise, engagement, evaluation 

Every quest calls for learning.  What is learned may be trivial--skills required to succeed in the quest.  But a quest can be designed so that the skills are from instructional objectives.  Then it is an instructional questWondering how to use that idea?  Then your quest is to answer that question.


How the quest system is set up

  • The instructor prepares questions that exercise skills from the instructional objectives.
  • A quest is formed by selecting a subset (maybe 20) of the prepared questions.
  • The quest is set up in a web-world by using the questions as steps in a game layout.
  • The layout might be a baseball diamond with five steps needed to get to each base. 
  • So the quest positions would show progress and the remaining challenges.  

How the player plays

  • The player puts the red focus circle on a box marked "1" and sees the first question.
  • The player chooses and gets feedback: "Right!" or "Sorry, try again."
  • The player cannot go to the next step without getting the right answer here.
  • But the player can keep trying, so will get the right answer, if only by elimination. 


  • A quest can be scored by the number of errors.
  • Feedback could be given as the number correct beyond chance expectation.
  • Multiple quests would be needed, using different subsets of the original questions.
  • For practice exercises, feedback might be given for motivation
  • For mastery, a unit might require a small error rate on several successive quests.
  • Evaluation may not be available in the current quest version.

Story line uses

  • Quests may also be used to give reader involvement in a story.
  • At important plot points, the reader is asked to answer a question.
  • The question is derived from the story.
  • The answer advances the story.
  • A preliminary example is available in 3DWebWorldz
  • You can log in there as a guest.  You will need some starting instructions
  • A beginner's view: a virtual world on the web. Learn to move in 3dWebWorldz
  • Then look on the menu under Writer's World and go to Fantasy Region.
  • Click on the numbered boxes in numerical order to follow the story.
  • You will find some examples of quest questions that could be instructional.  
  • The story scene is in development and may not be finished when you visit.

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