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2018 EDU: WRITE: Writers of Greyville: Story seeds: The last werewolf of Blanken, part 2

Writers of Greyville:  Story seeds:  
The last werewolf of Blanken, part 2

Virtual worlds offer a unique opportunity to use the environment and character appearance as supports for ideation in a writers workshop.  Here I offer a second report on a developing plan to do that the Virtual worlds of OpenSimulator.

Murky Manor

Note 2 from Father Dark

  • The full moon has come and gone.  
  • I have done a terrible thing.  
  • Oh, Eric, why did you seek me in Blanken, 
  • when you could have found me here?   
  • You will return on the morrow and find me.  
  • You will release me from this curse, 
  • but find a more terrible curse. 
  • I had another vision of the flying virgin saying.
  • "The path to Fantasy Place starts with baptism under the Beluae."
  • I pray that you understand it before the next howler moon.

Note 2 from Eric 

  • Sunday noon Field notes of the hunt
  • I return from Blanken with no blood on my silver dagger.
  • I could sense no werewolf even at the midnight of the full moon.
  • Usually I can sense them for a few days before and after the time of change.
  • Have I lost my powers or is Blanken free of werewolves?  
  • Perhaps I will never know.

Note 3 from Eric 

  • Sunday evening Field notes of the new hunt here!
  • I know now!
  • There is a werewolf here!  In the wetlands, I think.  
  • And he has recently struck--two nights ago, at the recent full moon.
  • He is in human form now, and easily removed.
  • I will not alarm by brother--the werewolf is no threat till the next howler moon.
  • And I am off with my silver blade. I can sense him clearly now. 
  • I will dispose of him in a few minutes.  



Writer's workshop notes

Writers workshop: The plan this far

Meeting place/time for the Greyville Monday Writers

  • Mondays:  We gather at Greyville, on Nara's Nook, at 6 PM Pacific Time 
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  • Everyone is welcome

Original OARS with links

    Future plans

    Web-world places (under development)

    • 3Dwebworldz
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    • Scroll down--Toward the end of the public regions, find Writers Swamp.
    • Click Writers Swamp to go there.
    • (There is no direct link to Fantasy Place.  Getting there is part of the story.)
    • Notecard givers and other things may not be operating yet.  
    • In the future, we may have group workshops there.
    • The writers may be there on Mondays shortly after 6 pm Pacific time
    • Anyone is welcome.

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