Sunday, April 15, 2018

2018 WW: 3DWebWorldz: Professionally developed. 3D Art gallery in your browser

3DWebWorldz: Professionally developed. 
3D Art Gallery in your browser
A world of art is right there on your desk--if you are comfortable with virtual. 
Art Gallery in 3DWebWorldz
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  • 3DWebWorldz is a professionally-built web site.
  • A professional will find the content you want in your place and bring it in for you.
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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


Entry into 3DWebWorldz
  • That's Evie Marie on the right.  Or her avatar.
  • Her picture is in the circular frame.
  • Above that is an emoji she has chosen to represent her feelings.
  • Evie is the developer on this 3D web site.
Bus to live music event
  • When there is a live musical event, a click on the bus will take you there.
  • The trip is much like the transporter on the Enterprise.
  • Technically it is merely loading another web page.
  • This feature lets the virtual world expand without limit.
  • Normally you get a notice asking if you want to go.  
"Please take an elevator"
  • Another transporter. 
You have to agree to travel
Gallery lobby, 
art exhibits around it 
  • Yeah, I think it is too heavy on brown, too.
  • And low contrast is hard to read with visual impairment.
Wheelchair comedy
Paintings can be displayed on the wall
  • The gallery has voice so it can support a live instructor or docent.
  • An audio source can be turned on to deliver recorded speech.
What did I say about low contrast?
  • It is easy to put in a web sender to open another page with the same content.
  • Or to provide more info, a buy offer, or a login page.

Sculptures people can walk around


Use cases

  • Display the reproduced work of an artist.  
  • Display digital art.
  • Education: display reproduced collections for instruction.
  • Marketing: display reproductions of objects available to buy online

Artist's colony on the web

  • Camaraderie without travel.
  • A world market in your computer.
  • Any number of artists can stay.  No zoning restrictions.
  • Meet with customers, smoke in your house.

Gardens and homes



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