Sunday, February 17, 2019

2019 BIZ: Exploring Kitely: Improved features in search: finding and being found

Exploring Kitely: 
Improved features: 
Finding and being found

Kitely search support for finding places.
Kitely search options
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Search options

  • Click the down-pointing wedge to see options.
  • Important options: Sort order: visitor count or newest 
  • Visitor count: The number of avatars recently in this world.
  • You would use this order to find worlds with people (the first few listed).
  • Newest: Newest worlds first.  
  • You would use this order to find new worlds you may want to explore.
  • Worlds without a picture are probably incomplete and under construction.  
  • Worlds with a picture may be ready for visitors.

Find out more

  • Click the name to open the world's web page.
  • The web page will tell about the world.
  • Or offer no description--which will tell you a lot.
  • You can also click to go to the world (open your viewer first).
  • Some worlds are closed to the Hypergrid.  That should be noted on the web page.
  • All the worlds listed should be open to Kitely residents.
  • A few may not be open to you because of other settings.

More search power

  • The search bar on Explore Worlds searches the description as well as the name.   
  • Owners: Be sure to include keywords in the description of your place ("world").

Sample searches

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