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2018 WW 3DWebWorldz: You take control

3DWebWorldz: You take control

Video and images showing how to use inworld tool that beginners need to use 3DWebWorldz effectively.

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 Inworld Menu Tools
  • These are available on your screen (lower left) 
  • Hover your focus circle over any graphic to read about that button
  • Below is the panel of inworld menu tools as it appears on your screen.
 Inworld Menu Tools as they appear 
on your 3DWW screen
  • To hide these click CLOSE MENU.
  • The menu will be replaced by the purple button with 3 white bars.
  • To get the menu back, click that purple button.
  • Hover your cursor over any menu button to see what it does.
 Featured regions 
on the teleport directory
  • The teleport button is the avatar with two rings around it.
  • Click on the name of the place you want to visit.
  • For more places, scroll down.
Teleport directory: 
place categories
  • Category buttons are made when several places focus on the same theme.
  • Click a button to see the places on that theme.  You can then TP to those places.
 Bottom toolbar buttons and voice
  • The bottom toolbar buttons are mainly of interest to advanced users owning land.
  • Newcomers will want to know about World Chat and Private Chat.
  • The private chat button is just to the left of World Chat and shows a speech bubble.
  • The World Chat button opens a text channel.  
  • To use World Chat, click the start button and join the channel.
  • Anyone on 3DWW, anywhere, can join the World Chat channel.
  • The private chat channel shows any of your friends who are in 3DWW. 
  • To talk in voice, click the mic graphic lower left


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