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2018 WW: WRITE: Tutorial: How to put an interactive story in a 3D web page on 3DWebWorldz

Tutorial:  Put an interactive story
in a 3D web page on 3DWebWorldz

Our current plan for a writer's workshop lends itself to easy extension into interactive storytelling.  Here I provide a tutorial for setting up either of these in 3DWebWorldz.
Starting view in the werewolf scene
  • The little info boxes tell the beginning of a story (still under construction).

Two Web worlds in public beta

  • An interactive story is told in the form of short pieces, each with a bit of the story.
  • In a virtual place, such as Myst, the scene tells a lot of the story.
  • The placement and appearance of the story pieces may also tell part of the story.
  • An interactive story needs a way to put pieces around the scene.
  • This article shows how to put notes around a scene in 3DWebWorldz.

Social 3D


Initial use case 

Skills you need to put story notes around your scene

To place objects

Buttons you need for this task
  • Click the crossed tools (bottom left)

Crossed tools get you 
the editing tools
  • On the resulting popup, click Edit Assets & Objects

Put an object in your place
  • You can put an object in a place by creating it
  • Or by copying an object you have already made (Copy)

To put an object where you want it

  • Put your avatar where you want the object to be.
  • Rebake your avatar.
  • Make or copy the object. Rebake the place.
  • The object will appear where your avatar was at the last rebake avatar.
  • Caution: If you forget to rebake avatar, the object will be at the last rebake point.

To make an object show a popup

  • Store the popup text first. 
  • This stored popup can be reused in different objects.
  • To put a popup in an object edit the object and scroll down
  • If you copy an object that has a popup, you can set it to a different popup.
Window for setting 
an interaction

From popups to audio

  • 3DWW can also let you put audio files around.
  • With that feature you could put dramatized audio bits as part of the story.
  • Thus a step towards a multimedia story.
  • More about that in another article.


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