Tuesday, November 27, 2018

2018 WW: 3DWebWorldz offers 3D spaces on the browser, seeks support via Patreon for further development

3DWebWorldz offers 3D spaces on the browser, 
seeks support via Patreon for further development

3DWebWorldz, a browser-based virtual world (MUVE), is developed enough to show its potential.  It now seeks support to increase its capabilities and offerings.  
Wednesday meeting, writer's workshop
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3DWebWorldz offers

  • 3DWebWorldz
  • Over thirty regions available for public access.
  • About 10 art galleries for art history and education.
  • Business, Conferences, Meeting Rooms:  About 5
  • Educational Classrooms, Field Trips & Libraries:  About 5
  • Music AcademyTen Steps to Singing Success:  About 5
  • Writer's Worlds:  About 5

General benefits

  • People can reach these places from any modern device having a browser.
  • Mobility limitations are left behind.
  • People can talk with each other about the place or anything else.
  • The place can offer the support needed for learning and entertainment.
  • Browsers can bring together people of common interests over great distances
  • Browser places can offer art, education, music, adventures, and community.


Articles about writers in web-worlds

Immediate uses for browser-based 3D places

Formal education

  • Teachers and students can enjoy an immersive training experience in real-time.
  • The learning space can be designed for the instructional objectives.
  • Teacher tools include voice, real-time chalkboard, and slide presentation tool. 
  • Practice exercises with evaluation and advice can be available at any time. 
  • Quizzes and tests can be offered with automatic scoring,  
  • Emoji expressions let students express their feelings.

Informal education



  • Musicians can perform live video concerts with fans sitting in the same virtual venue. 
  • They can have voice conversations with the audience when not performing
  • Chat participation gives audience involvement.
  • Musicians generally follow the text chat and respond.
  • Musicians can put out their own tip jar.

Worldwide meetings 



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