Friday, February 22, 2019

2019 EDU: Project-based education could produce useful results for the learner and for society

Project-based education 
could produce useful results 
for the learner and for society
A paradigm is proposed for creating socially useful projects to be used in project-based education. This article is explicitly licensed as public domain: Use as you with no credit to the author.
The Empty Classroom

The challenge, general form

  • Given a specific theme, develop a collection of relevant information.
  • Each entry must have its source link 
  • Entries may have supporting links and contrary links.
  • Entries may include common misconceptions if sourced and clearly discredited.
  • Entries must include the author's summary of the item and the author's evaluation.
  • Each entry must be signed by the author. 
  • Products of work-groups will have multiple authors.
  • Student evaluation will be based on the products of the student (author).


  • Instructor develops a list of themes suitable for the course learning objectives.
  • Themes may be assigned to students or to work-groups.
  • Alternatively, students or work-groups may choose themes.
  • Students may use a blog format to gather and save the collected information.
  • How to use a blog to organize a developing themed collection of information.
  • Student blogs would be private.  
  • The instructor might move qualified items to a public course blog. 
  • The authors of items in the public blog could cite those items as their work.

General learning objectives supported by this challenge

  • Beyond leaning related to the theme, this paradigm practices general skills: 
  • Skills in searching the web for theme-relevant items.
  • Skills in evaluating items found.
  • Skills in web research to evaluate items found.
  • Skills in understanding items well enough to summarize them.
  • For work-groups: skills used for work-group participation.

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