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2018 WW: Social communication in 3DWebWorldz: text chat, contact groups, friends, events

Social communication in 3DWebWorldz:
text chat, contact groups, friends, events

Support for social activities in 3DWebWorldz:  Contact groups (for when you don't know anybody), find people inworld, make frends, use voice, find events.
Communicator in 3DWebWorldz
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Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


Who can I chat with?
  • This list shows who is publicly online
How do I start a chat?
  • Type and press Enter
New button on the bottom menu 
  • You get invited to enter the public world chat room 
  • Everyone publically inworld can be found here (whether you know them or not). 

In the public chat room

Public Chat and private chat
  • Public chat is WorldWide: anyone inworld on this site can see it.
  • Tell about what you are working on, see if anyone inworld is interested.
  • Describe your problem, see if someone can offer a solution.
Make, contact friends
  • For details, hover your cursor over an item. 
 Find events 



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