Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2018 WRITE: WW: EDU: The developing writer's workshop in 3DWebWorldz: Video conversations

The developing writer's workshop 
in 3DWebWorldz:  Video conversations 

Jamie and Selby visit part of the writer's workshop under development in 3DWebWorldz.  This part is known as Fantasy Place and intended to stimulate ideas for fantasy stories.  One feature is a story written to fit Fantasy Place and to suggest other stories that would fit.

Writer's Workshop in Fantasy World: introduction  

  • Writer's colony on 3DWebWorldz is building a writer's workshop. 
  • With scenes and story seeds which will make a complete story when all are collected.
  • With only a few parts in hand, writers can plan how they would finish the story.   
  • The bar chart, upper left, is engineering data, to go when the place is finished 
  • If the writer's colony sets up its own website, this web place could be embedded.
  • https://3dwebworldz.com/


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    Writer's Workshop: Story props and objects


    Videos show people in 3DWebWorldz




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