Friday, January 11, 2019

2019 EDU: WW: Classroom in a browser. Walk in, walk around, interact, chat, have a conversation. Your classroom is wherever you are

Classroom in a browser.  
Walk in, walk around, interact, 
chat, have a conversation. 
Your classroom is wherever you are

Wherever you are and wherever your students are.   All they need is an internet connection and a tablet/laptop, Chromebook or even a modern smart phone.   An instructor would want a bit more.

Take a trip with us through the hallways of MySchool3d on to get an idea of how 3D Education in a Web Browser is now possible.  Created by the Website Experts at

This is a Virtual World in a Browser.  It includes social interaction (voice and text), communication tools, and avatars. A teacher would use this environment for online classes and real-time interaction with students. Users can log in as a guest, but students would usually need to be registered so their work could be recorded in their name.  Teachers could also use this classroom for online conferences with parents or with colleagues. 

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