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2013 See: YavaScript pod tours!

YavaScript pod tours!
Riding a pod through a Sansara harbor

You just sit in the pod and it takes you on the tour.  In the picture above, I am taking part of the Heterocera tour, as you can see from the name on the pod.  This part of the tour, however, is in Sansara.   The base station for the tour is in the snow covered part of Sansara.  In the Durango region:

Durango Pod Station
The Durango pod station serves Sansara and Heterocera.  Below are detailed maps of the pod routes over these two continents.
Map of Sansara showing pod tours

Map of Heterocera showing pod tours

To catch a tour, you go to the pod station and check the tour times (displayed in the pod parking places).  There is usually a tour starting in a few minutes. The tour pod will return from its previous run near the indicated starting time.   You sit in the pod  (right click, sit).   The pods have two seats, so you can bring a friend.  The pods seem to wait a bit in case someone else wants to jump on.
Miniature pods hover over the map to show the current location of the pods.  If you want to, you can teleport to a point just ahead of a pod and board it as it goes by.
The pod knows the route and not only follows it, but also tells you a bit about what you are seeing.
The pod system is the work of  Yavanna Llanfair.   The system offers extensive sight-seeing over three continents.  I have taken several tours.  I did not even notice the sim crossings.  And did not crash once.  That is impressive performance.  The simple, low-prim pod design probably makes a big contribution to that performance.
- And, yes, you can buy a pod system to show people around your land.  With you own narration in text.  For information on that, contact Yavanna Llanfair.

What do they feed those flowers?
Here is a web site with additional views of the pod tours.
The pod station for Jeogeot is at Monowai

Monowai Pod Station
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