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2018 WRITE: WW: Writers of Nara's Nook: Story seeds: The last werewolf of Blanken, Part 4

Writers of Nara's Nook:  Story seeds:  
The last werewolf of Blanken Part 4

Further description of the title story, including extension to Fantasy Place   
Starting place writer's workshop

Spoiler warning:  If you are reading the ibox sequence as a story, this article will give away important information.  

This workshop place has been in development on Kitely for several months.  That work is suspended while we work on a similar, but more easily accessed place in 3DWebWorldz
To reach the place described here, visit 3DWebWorldz (as a guest or registered user) and look for Writer's swamp (under construction) in the menu.  You may want to visit me at  
my office times in Cybalounge (Weekdays: 12:-12:30 Central time) and let me talk you through the entry steps.  
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The backstory

    Entry note

    Welcome to the Writer's Web Workshop 

    This is a place to sharpen your story-making skills.  You will find boxes left around. The black boxes with the italic i tell a story.  This story is intended to stimulate story ideas (ideation)  and to demonstrate storytelling in multimedia. 

    You may also see notes in various colors.  These notes will tell other stories, each color representing a different story.  When you hover the red circle over a box or note, a pop-up will appear showing the contents. (Be sure your browser is set to permit pop-ups.)  

    This workshop is in development so the stories may not be complete yet.

    Lobo note 2

    • This note leads the visitor to Fantasy Place 
    • My dearest Eric
    • There is hope for me!  Of course, I know what beluae means
    • And what baptism under the beluae must mean.  
    • You could have found it with a search of the internet.  
    • It means monsters or beasts.  
    • We have just one place with beasts over water.  
    • I go to Fantasy Place to seek the flower.

    Note 1F from Titania/Puck Fantasy place

    • Greetings strangers.  Beware the dangers. 
    • We welcome guests.  We welcome quests.
    • Robin G. can help your quest.  Or Robin G. can be a pest.
    • But Robin knows where the flower grows.
    • Riddle and rhyme will take your time.
    • His garb is black and red and yellow
    • Though he's not, he's called Goodfellow.
    • Red on yellow, kill a fellow.
    • Beware the moon; it fills too soon.
    • Diana manages its mood.  You must win her altitude.
    • Of Oberon beware.  For strangers, he will never care.
    • And so I wish the goodest on ya, your ever faithful friend, Titania.

    1F from Lobo

    • My dearest brother, I am here ahead of you. 
    • And we are expected, as shown by a note I found.
    • It appears to be from Titania--the fairy queen.
    • But it suggests that Robin Goodfellow is around.
    • That is Puck, Oberon's Jester and (sometimes) fixer.   
    • Puck is the trickster, so we must expect tricks.
    • Puck talks in rhymes. Whenever you see rhymes, suspect Puck
    • When I got here someone flew by and sprinkler some golden powder on me.  
    • Suddenly I can get around much better. 
    • I shall have no difficulty exploring this place.
    • And I have found a pleasant teapot to sleep in.
    • On the morrow, I shall search for signs of Diana
    • I shall need her help if, as the note says, "the full moon comes too soon."

    2F from Lobo

    • I have been searching for signs of Diana.
    • I may have found something on another of the small islands here.
    • A large mushroom with a sign reading "Arrowsmith."
    • And beneath it a quiver of arrows.  Diana hunts with arrows.  
    • Could this be the source of her arrows?
    • I could find no one there at the time, but I will check back until I find out.
    • Meanwhile, I am finding that I can fly!.  I can easily go from island to island

    Needed function

    Interaction Evaluator:  Presents a question, evaluates the answer against given answer, logs a record under the user's ID (which may be accessible to an instructor), and executes a preset function (offer teleport, rez an object, etc). Enough correct answers earn a secret or a power. For now, we can use one or 2-word answers (like "Sinclair Lewis")

    Drop by my web office Weekdays: 12:-12:30 Central time  (US) 

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