Tuesday, July 19, 2022

2022 Adult learning, motivation, and the metaverse. Story-living and story-learning in the metaverse. Training in the 21st century.

Adult learning, motivation, and the metaverse.  
Story-living and story-learning in the metaverse.
Training in the 21st century.  
Employee training can be modernized.  It can come online where most employees are. It can be interactive and engaging and thus, more effective.
  • OpenSimulator Fest grid
  • Hypergrid address:
  • grid.opensimfest.com:8022:HG-Welcome
  • Paste the HG address in the find bar of the world map, click Find, TP
  • In the OSFest grid, go to: Hydrogen
The main hall in Hydrogen
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Teleporter to 
Training in the 21st Century

"As you journey through our 7 exhibits at OpenSim Fest 2022, you will see ways we use 3D for synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences that enhance leadership and teamwork. At T21C, we can assist you in developing learning programs adapted to your strategies for a variety of topics related to high performance. We create training courses that are engaging, experiential, and fun, and will provide your team with a deeper understanding of the content, with improved retention and utilization of concepts presented."
On location

Change Management 
Mystery Quest
We work with you to ensure our trainings are cost effective and will incorporate aspects of your existing training when preferred.
Mystery Quest entry
T21C’s mission is to empower you, your employees, and your company as a whole to evolve in synchrony with a changing world. Contact us today to see how we can enhance your learning programs through blends of traditional and innovative methods for greater understanding and utilization of concepts taught.
Start of quest
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Writing in 3D

Stories in 3D

Easy access sources in the metaverse



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