Sunday, February 28, 2021

2021 #VWEDU: #DTA: Can you teach critical thinking online? The detective story model.

Can you teach critical thinking online? 
The detective story model.
Critical thinking is not something you teach about. It is something people learn by practice.  Online offers opportunities for practice.

The story model

Learn critical thinking 

Resources for critical thinking

Logic puzzle (example) 

 Three travellers were aboard a train that had just emerged from a tunnel, leaving a smudge of soot on the forehead of each. While they were laughing at each other, and before they could look into a mirror, a neighbouring passenger suggested that although no one of the three knew whether he himself was smudged, there was a way of finding out without using a mirror. He suggested: “Each of the three of you look at the other two; if you see at least one whose forehead is smudged, raise your hand.” Each raised his hand at once. “Now,” said the neighbour, “as soon as one of you knows for sure whether his own forehead is smudged or not, he should drop his hand, but not before.” After a moment or two, one of the men dropped his hand with a smile of satisfaction, saying: “I know.” How did that man know that his forehead was smudged? Logic puzzle

Take-away questions

  • Should students be learning critical thinking?
  • Should a teacher model critical thinking?
  • How would students practice critical thinking?
  • Hint: Reading about critical thinking is practice in reading.
  • Hint: Listening to a lecture about critical thinking is practice in listening.

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