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2019 EDU: GAME: VWBPE immersive events, The Queen’s Heroes in the Five Kingdoms #vwbpe19chat

VWBPE immersive events, 
The Queen’s Heroes in the Five Kingdoms 

An illustrative educational game is offered at the VWBPE exposition site.  The game shows how the standard hero quest model can be used as the basis for an instructional game.  #vwbpe19chat
Starting point of the 
Queen's Heroes game
Host: Leticia De Leon (SL: Letty Luckstone), University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Description: Participants in this immersive experience will engage in an allegorical experience that is both storytelling and game. This underwater paradise needs heroes that will save the five kingdoms from a man-made destruction. Guided by a HUD and a mentor, all heroes who heed the call will travel to the five underwater kingdoms to piece together the story and undergirding real life issues. Those who engage with this experience may do so in storytelling or game mode.

Participants will be the heroes in an allegory that follows an underwater path to the five kingdoms.

Participants will evaluate environmental issues in a five-kingdom challenge to win the game.

VWBPE main session April 4-6

The dying kingdom
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  • The quest requires answering 3 questions here.
  • More in the other 4 kingdoms.
  • A complete instructional game could pose more challenges.
  • Watch your chat. The story is told there.
The pearl in the oyster 
will pose a question
  • Your challenge is to give the right answer.
  • The question could require finding something in the local environment.
  • Or simply demonstrating a bit of knowledge about the course content.
  • Or applying something learned in the course to the local environment.
Another player approaches the queen
  • In story mode, you can interact with the queens to hear their story without playing the game.
Invitation to provide feedback
  • This is a demonstration  of how to make an instructional game.
  • Participants are educators who may be evaluating the method.
  • Feedback and suggestions will be useful.
Several players have 
found the queen

A player approaches the queen
  • In game mode, you need to wear the HUD.
  • And answer power up and story questions, for a total of 16 possible questions.
  • If you finish in game mode, you are entered in a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card.
  • Instructors might get similar support form local merchants.
  • The player pays nothing to play, so it is not gambling.
Players come in all sizes
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The buttons beside the queen 
give game information

Spreading mangrove roots
Underwater scene
Giant clam
  • How big is a giant clam?
  • This is an example of a linked question.
  • Self-test your knowledge.  
  • Full knowledge: you know for sure
  • Shaky knowledge: you can answer but are not sure.
  • Uninformed: you don't know.
  • For the answer, click the question.
Colorful clams


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