Saturday, June 22, 2013

2018 WRITE: The writing communities of the virtual worlds. What do they offer to writers?

The writing community of the virtual worlds. 
What does it offer to writers? 

Updated 7/15/2018
Articles of interest to writers and aspiring writers in the virtual worlds
  • Workshops for writers
  • A community of writers
  • A community of potential readers
  • A community of bloggers
  • A community of videographers
  • A community of educators


A community of bloggers

A community of videographers


  1. I haven't logged in to SL for a while now but a few years back, as Jack Lefebvre, I was a regular visitor. I was already a published writer but the interactions with others there and the insights the whole online role-playing experience provided gave me lots of new material for my stories and novels. The writing communities are vibrant, supportive and genuinely encourage creativity. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned hack, you'll find it a stimulating place to be.