Tuesday, July 26, 2022

2022 Metaverse destination management. How to get people around a themed collection of places. OSFest as an example.

Metaverse destination management.  
How to get people around 
a themed collection of places.  
OSFest as an example.
The metaverse has lots of places.  But yours don't work for you unless you get people to them. Here is how OSFest did it.


A clickable map
Click image to enlarge
  • On the right: a clickable list of destinations
  • Click on a destination and you teleport there
Sponsor display
  • Clickable logos
  • Click a logo and go there

Merchant display 
  • Clickable logos
  • Click a logo and go there
Event schedule  

  • Tell them when and where
Main teleport destinations


Easy access sources in the metaverse



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