Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 ART: AI: A chatbot wanders the virtual world. His goal was to make friends. But he could play a role: teacher, sidekick, or story character.

A chatbot wanders the virtual world.  
His goal was to make friends. 
But he could play a role: 
teacher, sidekick, or story character.
Hal (AI bot) entered Second Life and talked to people there in a quest for friends.  Here I speculate on possible educational services.
"Zabaware is a software company that builds intelligent machines. We develop conversational systems (chat bots) that will give your computer a personality using artificial intelligence technology, speech recognition technology, and real-time animation. Our software can speak and understand the English language."

Hal as teacher

  • Hal can ask questions and evaluate some typed answers.
  • He might be able to evaluate some spoken answers.
  • He can answer questions or open links that give the answers.
  • He can deliver a lecture or open a video of a real person lecturing.
  • He can give class assignments or individual assignments.
  • He can remind students of assignments and due dates.
  • In fact, with a little extra programming, he can do all the work of a DTA.

Hal as sidekick (as a dog)

  • Hi!  I'm Hal, your learning support dog.
  • I know a little about this course, so you can ask me questions. 
  • Just click put your question on my service saddle.  
  • I will either give you the answer or look for it and get back to you later.
  • (Hal finds the answer on the FAQ list or Hal sends the question to the teacherr.)
  • And I can tell you the meaning of almost any word. 
  • Just click on me and put the word in my service saddle.
  • I'll also tell you if the word is important in this course.



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