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2018 WRITE: EDU: Writers of Nara's Nook: Story seeds: The last werewolf of Blanken, part 3

Writers of Nara's Nook:  Story seeds:  
The last werewolf of Blanken, part 3

Virtual worlds offer a unique opportunity to use the environment and character appearance as supports for ideation in a writers workshop.  Here is  a third report on a developing plan to do that the Virtual worlds of OpenSimulator.
Murky Mansion

Meeting place/time for the Greyville Monday Writers

  • Mondays: We gather at Greyville, on Nara's Nook, at 6 PM Pacific Time 
  • HG address:
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map. Click Find, TP
  • If you can't get to Nara's Nook, come to WebWorldz
  • WebWorldz is a virtual world that runs in your browser.
  • Just like a flat web page. But you can move around and talk to people.
  • It offers typed messages and local voice.  
  • We have imported a copy of the Kelley swamp and are developing it as a writer's workshop
  • We will probably start in this place: SandBox: Fantasy region.  


Writers workshop: The plan this far

  • The Monday night writers group of Nara's Nook is developing workshops.
  • These are for people interested in developing their writing skills. 
  • The initial project aims at developing ideation skills and confidence in them.
  • Method: Present a virtual place and challenges calling for ideation about stories
  • We presently have 2 places to work with: Fantasy Place and Gloomy Manor
  • Both have now been salted with challenges based on the local environment.
  • Murky Mansion has story seeds in the form of notes. 
  • The notes, on click, give notecards with pieces of a story.  
  • A visitor can collect the notecards and develop possible scenarios that fit the notes. 
  • The story is not yet finished and is not an important part of the exercise.  
  • A visitor can develop alternative scenarios.
  • This is about writing, not about a particular story.
  • Virtual Writers' Community
  • Werewolf 

Eric note 4

Monday Morning Field notes of my latest kill

  • I found him easily.  It was Father Dark of the Blanken parish.
  • He wanted me to kill him.  That' s why he came.  
  • But first he wanted to tell me two important things.  
  • There is a flower that blooms in Fantasy Place.  It will cure lycanthropy.
  • Or so he said.  But he did not know how to get to Fantasy Place
  • The other important thing was that the curse had made him commit a terrible sin.
  • I told him I only handled werewolves, not sins.   
  • But maybe there was something in Fantasy Place that would help. 
  • He said not even the holiest of holy water could cleanse this sin.  
  • Then he grabbed my hand and thrust the silver dagger into his chest.
  • And died.
  • He never said what his sin was, but I suppose it does not matter now.

Eric note 5

  • 5  Monday night--Field notes there is another
  • I only began to sense the new one this evening as I was dining with my brother.  
  • Very faint.  I was unsure at first.  But it persists.   Too weak to give direction.  
  • A recent bite.  The recent howler moon, no doubt.  Just a start.  
  • It will not mature till the next howler moon.
  • And on this island, of that I am sure.   One of the servants, I suspect.  
  • The moon is on the wain.  I shall lose him soon.
  • Until next month.
  • If I could get to Fantasy Place and return with the wolfsbane, I could spare us both.
  • The gate is here, the priest said.   Baptism under the beluae, the note said.
  • But I do not know that word.  Latin I think.  
  • Lobo will know--he is fluent in Latin.

Lobo note 1

  • My dearest brother Eric, the werewolf hunter
  • I have tried to tell you, but I cannot.  It was the night of the howler moon.
  • You were away at Blanken.   The werewolf was here.  
  • It came right up on the front porch.  I heard it and--
  • I cannot go on.  You have been father and mother to me since the accident.
  • I cannot burden you with this.  
  • At the next full moon, you will know what you must do.
  • I cannot do much, but I can take that burden from you.  
  • I am going for a swim.  If I do not return, you will know what happened.  

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