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2019 #VWEDU: WRITE: Mystery Manor (1), a game of games. Solo solving, group roleplay, scene stories.

Mystery Manor, a game of games. 
Solo solving, group roleplay, scene stories.

A mystery adventure like Clue , but redesigned for solo play and set in a 3D place.  Unlike a board game, the 3-dimensional manor is a fully dressed set, suitable for many other stories.  In this article I report on the story-game presented by Suzy SilverwebIn a later article I will probably report on other ways to use this elegant set.
Mystery Manor on Kitely
Click image to enlarge

  • Derived from the game Clue (or Cluedo in some countries).
  • Full avatars are on the wall in the Hall (for role-playing).
  • Creator: Suzy Silverweb
  • Web Site

Other mystery Manors

Go there

  • In Kitely use the Firestorm hop:
  • hop://grid.kitely.com:8002/Mystery Manor/128/35/22
  • Hypergrid address:
  • grid.kitely.com:8002:Mystery Manor
  • Paste the HG address into the Find bar of the World Map, Click Find, TP

Introduction to the mystery game
In the main hall
  • Instructions are in the box and in the notebook
  • The Manor's owner, Budenhagen "Buddy" Bergdorf has been murdered. 
  • Your job is to find the killer, the location of the crime, and the murder weapon.
Click the notebook

Some of the suspects 
and some weapons
  • Click on a picture to get a free avatar of that character.
  • You can wear that in roleplay if you want
More suspects and more weapons
Click image to enlarge
  • Answer the questions: 
  • Who committed the murder?  
  • In what room? 
  • With what weapon?
One of 24 clue boxes
  • The picture may give you a hint about searching.
Another clue box
  • Clue boxes may be moved, but probably not often.
Still another clue box

In plain sight
If you can find the location
  • There are 20 more boxes.

Thank you credits from Suzy Silverweb

This Mystery Manor has been  has been in the building stages since early 2016.  I had an idea to bring the board game Clue to a 3D single player game for opensim.  At first it wasn't clear how to make it a game; ideas came later and it is finally complete at April 2018.   
There are many people I'd like to credit with some mentions: 
Most importantly, PETE CAMINO of OSGrid for his friendship and encouragement, thank you! Be sure to visit his regions of Lazarus, Chon, New Shadow and Dilemma on OSGrid.  
Outworldz.com and Ferd Frederix for his vast collection of freebies, textures and scripts 
"Linda Kellie" and zadaroo.com for freebies, some of which were repurposed. 
The buildings, the pool, the Maze here at the Manor are built by me with the exception of the Guest House and Carriage house. I popped by to visit Four Winds and found the builds so delightful I just had to purchase and them. They are built by Koshari Mohana; Look for Four Winds on Kitely Marketplace.  
It is my belief that all objects not created by me:, trees, landscaping etc have been collected from sources that were free to copy and use. If you find something  you feel is yours, please contact me. I'll remove it, or if you allow its use, will give you a mention for it.  
Thanks to the opensimulator.org developers for creating this platform for creativity, and to the many grids, such as OSGrid and Kitely, and others  who bring the community to life.  Also, opensimworld.com for connecting creators together.   
Hugs to all from Suzy Silverweb

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