Sunday, July 24, 2022

2022 Music in the metaverse. Multi-stage design for a series of performances. OSFest 2022. Networking. Instant messaging (IM)

Music in the metaverse. 
Multi-stage design for a series of performances.   
OSFest 2022.  Networking.  
Instant messaging (IM)
Musical performances in the metaverse bring people together.

The main dance area

  • The main dance area is a square with stages on each area.  
  • The design uses 4 simulators 
  • A simulator here is software running on a server.
  • Each simulator creates a square piece of land.
  • The dance floor is formed by putting the server squares together.
  • The 4 corners come together at the center of the dance floor.
  • Each stage is on a separate server.   
  • Each server can handle about 80 avatars, 
  • so the stage can handle about 320 avatars.
  • The audience will usually gather in front of the active stage.  
  • But  they don't have to.
  • The audience can hear from anywhere on the stage.
  • All 4 quadrants of the dance area get the same stream.
  • When a new performance starts on a different stage,
  • People will hear it from where they are.  
  • So they can walk over to the active stage when they feel like it.
  • Just walk, no teleport.  
  • If you ask your audience to TP elsewhere, you will lose some of them.


Performers want their own stage

  •  And they can have it.  
  • While the current performer is working on one stage,
  • the next performer can be setting up on another stage.
  • The next performer can rez a full stage, if they want.
  • That's one of the advantages of the metaverse.  
  • You can make a stage, copy it into your inventory and rez it where you have authority.
  • Conveniently, that rezzing will not affect the current performance.
  • Because they are on different servers. 
  • Suggestion:  Use a thrust stage design to bring performers closer to the people.

The advantage for networking

  • OpenSim viewers can show you everyone nearby.
  • So when the whole audience is in one place, you can find everyone.
  • You can look for people you used to know and  reconnect with them.
  • You can check profiles and find people you want to know.
  • You can look for people you have heard of and get in touch with them.
  • Oh, yes.  We talk in instant messages (IM) all the time. Bothers no one.

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