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2019 EDU: WRITE: Writer's workshop: The story at Fantasy Place: Quest for the wolfsbane flower Part 1, Diana

The story at Fantasy Place: 
quest for the wolfsbane flower   
Part 1, Diana
A continuation of the werewolf  story (writer's workshop) demonstrating how a story can also be used to support learning.
Fantasy place with notes 

Note from Titania/Puck Fantasy place

  • Greetings strangers.  Beware the dangers. 
  • We welcome guests.  We welcome quests.
  • Robin G. can help your quest.  Or Robin G. can be a pest.
  • But Robin knows where the flower grows.
  • Riddle and rhyme will take your time.
  • His garb is black and red and yellow
  • Though he's not, he's called Goodfellow.
  • Red on yellow, kill a fellow.
  • Beware the moon; it fills too soon.
  • Diana manages its mood.  You must win her altitude.
  • Of Oberon beware.  For strangers, he will never care.
  • And so I wish the goodest on ya, your ever faithful friend, Titania.

Spoiler warning

  • If you are reading Werewolf sequence as a story, this article will give away important information.  
  • Remember, the story is written for illustration.

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Fantasy scene 1 note from Lobo

  • My dearest brother, I am here ahead of you. 
  • And we are expected, as shown by a note I found.
  • It appears to be from Titania--the fairy queen.
  • But it suggests that Robin Goodfellow is around.
  • That is Puck, Oberon's Jester and (sometimes) fixer.   
  • Puck is the trickster, so we must expect tricks.
  • Puck talks in rhymes. Whenever you see rhymes, suspect Puck
  • When I got here someone flew by and sprinkled some golden powder on me.  
  • Suddenly I can get around much better. 
  • I shall have no difficulty exploring this place.
  • On the morrow, I shall search for signs of Diana
  • I shall need her help if, as the note says, "the full moon comes too soon."

Fantasy Scene 2 note from Lobo

  • I have been searching for signs of Diana.
  • I may have found something on another of the small islands here.
  • A large mushroom with a sign reading "Arrowsmith."
  • And beneath it a quiver of arrows.  Diana hunts with arrows.  
  • Could this be the source of her arrows?
  • I could find no one there at the time, but I will check back until I find out.
  • Meanwhile, I find that I can fly!.  I can easily go from island to island
Provides arrows for Diana

    Fantasy scene 3 Dialog: Arrowsmith and Lobo

    • Scene:  A mushroom bigger than an avatar.  A quiver of arrows beneath it.  A sign on the mushroom reading "Arrowsmith."

    • Lobo (calling): Is Arrowsmith here?
    • Arrowsmith (head projecting from the mushroom cap):  Who calls for Arrowsmith?
    • Lobo: My name is Lobo.  I am from Dark Island.  I seek your help.
    • Ar:  I know you not.  There is no dark Island in Fantasy Place.   
    • Lo: I came here by an enchanted fountain  I seek your help.
    • Ar: My business is to make enchanted arrows for the Huntress.  I do not help strangers.
    • Lo:  I seek Diana, the Huntress. I think you make arrows for her.
    • Ar:  I do that, yes.  You are not a total stranger, then.  Can you answer my question?
    • Lo:  I will only know that when I know the question.
    • Ar:  You are wise for a mortal.  I have a mortal friend who was a writer.  Do you know him?
    • Lo:  I believe his name was ------------------------------------
    • A challenge to the reader: What name does Lobo give?

    Fantasy scene 4 Dialog: Arrowsmith and Lobo

    • Challenge 1:  What was the name of Arrowsmith's writer friend?
    • The following opens only on correct match
    • ##################
    • Ar: Welcome visitor.  I see you are no stranger.  What help do you seek?
    • Lo:  I must find Diana and plead for her help.  
    • Ar:  You can find Diana here any morning after moonset.  She comes for arrows.
    • Lo:  I shall be here at moonset on the morrow.
    • Ar:  Know this, my friend: Diana will not talk to strangers.  

    Fantasy scene 5: Dialog: Diana and Lobo

    • Lobo:  I beg an audience with the goddess of the moon. 
    • Diana:  What mortal dares to speak to a goddess?
    • L:  I am Lobo, of  Dark Manor.  I speak with the courage of desperation.   I beg to speak with the goddess of the moon, Diana. 
    • D:  And why do you ask that of me?
    • L:  I see you are outfitted for the hunt.  Diana is also goddess of the hunt. 
    • D:  Well, you are not a total stranger to our ways here. I shall consider your plea if you know who is my brother.
    • L:  I know who is your brother.  He is called---------------------
    • Challenge 2:  What name did Lobo give?
    • ##################
    • The following opens only on correct match:  Apollo.
    • D: I see that, though you are a stranger here, we are not strangers to you. 
    • L:  I beg you to delay the coming of the full moon, for it will change me to a werewolf. 
    • D:  That is no small task, you know.  
    • L: For a mortal, impossible.  But for the goddess of the moon and in the land of fantasy...
    • D:  Possible.  You do understand where we are. Do you understand what we need?
    • L:  I hope I do.  I have advice from Captain Kirk and Tinker Bell.    
    • D:  Captain Kirk was in a different universe.  I need what Tinker Bell needed.
    • L:  You will survive as long as mortals believe in you.  I have believed in you enough to seek audience with you.  
    • D:  And hereafter?
    • L: I must believe in you as long as I live.  But that will be only a few days if the howler moon comes too soon. 
    • D:  The full moon will not kill you.  It will only consecrate you as a werewolf.  
    • L:  And my brother, the werewolf hunter, comes thereafter with his silver knife.   
    • D:  And you believe that I can defer the full moon here?
    • L:  I do.  I most surely do.  
    • D:  I then grant your boon.  How long a delay do you need?
    • L:  Only till I find the wolfbane flower.  
    • D: No god can help you there.  Puck can find it if he will.  But I will delay the full moon till you find Puck. As he would say, "Good luck with Puck."
    • L:  I shall be forever in debt the goddess of the moon.
    • [Diana rises and vanishes.]


    • This draft illustrates how a story can be made interactive.
    • An interactive story can be a puzzle, adding to the entertainment. 
    • Or an interactive story can teach, if the challenges are relevant to a course.
    • Here the challenges are based on "Liberal arts" education.  
    • But they could be constructed to test any other subject.


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