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2018 WW: WRT: The story at Fantasy Place: quest for the wolfsbane flower Part 2, Titania

The story at Fantasy Place: 
quest for the wolfsbane flower   
Part 2, Titania

A continuation of the werewolf  story (writer's workshop) demonstrating how a story can also be used to support learning.

Spoiler warning:  If you are reading Werewolf sequence as a story, this article will give away important information.  Remember, the Werewolf story is written for illustration.

The story at Fantasy Place follows the monomyth template of Campbell. 

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      Lobo and Eric 1F

      • (Lobo hovers just above the ground.  Eric runs across the bridge and toward Lobo.)
      • Eric:  My little brother!  I have found you at last!  How have you been?
      • Lobo:  Quite well, thank you.  I can fly in this place, so I can get around well.  
      • E:  And the full moon?
      • L: Is delayed.  I talked to the goddess of the moon, Diana.  She will delay the full moon.
      • E:  Then we have time.  Have you found the flower?  
      • L:  No.  I must find Puck.  He who knows where the flower grows.  
      • E:  Who is Puck?
      • L:  Robin Goodfellow, the trickster.  You read the note from Titania?
      • E:  Yes.  I saw the reference to Goodfellow.  How did she know you were coming?
      • L:  I doubt that she did.  I think the note was written by Puck.  
      • E:  Why do you think that?  It is signed by Titania. 
      • L:   Puck is a trickster.  When Puck is around, things may not be what they seem.  But we shall find out soon as I think Titania lives in that shining castle at the other end of the island.
      • E:  That silver castle!  Why would anyone make a castle of silver?   It has no strength.
      • L:   I think it is not silver.  Shiney and untarnished.   And strong enough for structure.  
      • E:   What then?  
      • L:   The metal of the Titans.  Titanium.  What better choice for Titania?
      • E:  Good thinking, Lobo!  But if she did not write the note, what will she tell us?
      • L:   That the note was written by Puck.  And, perhaps, where to find Oberon.    
      • E:   Why would Titania know where Oberon is to be found?
      • L:   He is her husband.  While they seldom live in marital bliss, she must keep track of him.
      • E:   And what will we get from Oberon?  
      • L:   Access to Puck.  He is the servant of Oberon.   Oberon can surely call him. 
      • E:  The note suggests that Oberon does not like strangers.
      • L:  I find that none of the people here like strangers, but are helpful once you get to know them.  
      • E:  I see you have done your homework on this.  Lead on, little brother.  This time I follow.  But I am here if you need me.
      • L:   To the castle then.
      • (They move off toward the castle.)
      In the castle, 
      the meeting with Titania

      1F Lobo, Titania, Eric

      • Lobo (floating) and Eric (walking) move into the castle through the walls.  
      • Eric:   How did we move through titanium walls?  They should be impenetrable. 
      • L:  Walls are impenetrable to those that believe in them.  We are mortals.  We do not believe in fantasy walls.  
      • E:  How will we find Titania?
      • L:  She will find us.  
      • Titania:  Found you I have, floating mortal! 
      • (Titania appears, floating in the air above them.   She seems to be sitting, but no chair is seen.)
      • L:  We bow in the presence of the queen of the fairies. 
      • T:  You know me then, floating mortal.  How do you dare to enter my castle unannounced? 
      • L:  We thought you would expect us, O lustrous queen.  We found a note over your signature--
      • T:  In doggerel, no doubt.  Puck does such things to annoy me.  Well, get on with it.  You came here because you want something from me.  
      • L:  We seek Puck or, failing that, his master Oberon, your husband. 
      • T:  I see you know some of our ways.  But you will never find Puck.  He can find you if and when he wants.   I do keep track of my husband, though we do not live together.  He is in his tree house on the other island -- not the one where you find the teapot homes.  You dare not interrupt him if he is with a female.     
      • L:  A female fairy? 
      • T:  A female anything!  He is probably with a female now.  He is always with females.  If you interrupt him while he is with a female, he will turn you into a lawn ornament!  Now begone before you ask me how to find him without a female.  I have not found that answer.
      • L:  We thank the fairy queen for granting us an audience.  
      • Lobo and Eric back out of the castle.
      On the ground 
      near Oberon's place

      Scene 2F Lobo, Eric, Later joined by Kate

      • On the ground near Oberon's place
      • Lobo:  Not now.   He is with a female fairy, a female unicorn, and something I don't recognize.  They are dancing on the flat roof.  
      • Eric:  This makes most of the day you have floated up and looked in on him.  Will he ever be alone?
      • L: Not according to Titania.  But we dare not interrupt him.  Even if he does not turn us into lawn ornaments, he will be in no mood to help us.  
      • E (despairing):  Nothing to be done.
      • L:  Yes there is.  We will find a female and get her to help us.  
      • E:  Katie is here.  She came with me.  She is somewhere looking for the wolfbane.
      • L:  She knows my situation? 
      • E:  Yes.  I told her.  She wants to help.  Will she be safe with him?
      • L:   That is my concern.  We must tell her nothing till we are sure she would be safe.  He seems to be treating his ladies well now.   
      • E:  Is any female safe with him? 
      • L:  I doubt it.  He has a reputation as a womanizer.  They are just dancing now, but what comes later?
      • Katie:  What does come later?  And what are you two conspiring about?  
      • E: Nothing!  We weren't conspiring at all.  We just want to avoid notice.  
      • K: And what do you expect to come later?  
      • L:  We don't know.  We were wondering.  
      • K (Suspicious):  Well, maybe I can help you.  What comes before? 
      • E (Unsure):  Uh--dancing.  The dancing.  They were dancing on the roof.   
      • K  (More suspicious):  What they?  Don't they have names? 
      • E (Trapped): I'm not sure.  
      • K (Firmly):  Okay, let's cut to the chase.  You two are hiding something.  Who is up on the roof and why do you care?
      • L (Reluctantly):  Oberon is on the roof.  He can help us find Puck and Puck can find the wolfbane flower.  
      • K (Pleased):  Well, that's better.  Except for the part about how you get Oberon to help you.  
      • L:  That is the problem. Titania says that if he is with a female, we dare not approach him or he will turn us into lawn ornaments.    And he is always with females,  
      • K:  I was wondering where all those lawn ornaments came from.  And, come to think of it, they are all male.  I am sure you went the next step and thought about a female to plead your case.   
      • E:  (Urgently):  It is dangerous!
      • K:  (Angry): So that is the problem of what comes after.  Now I see.  You want to protect me.    That would be cute if it weren't so trite.  Don't give me that male chauvinist crap.  Don't insult me by protecting me.  
      • L (Tentatively):  He is a womanizer.  
      • K:  I could guess that.  I've been handling that kind since I was twelve.  I'm not volunteering; I am insisting.   
      • Kate moves toward the stairs to Oberon's house.
      • L (calling out): He is on the roof!
      • K:  Oberon will get me there.
      • Kate starts up the stairs.




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