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2018 WW: WRT: The story at Fantasy Place: quest for the wolfbane flower Part 3, Oberon, Puck, and Wolfbane

The story at Fantasy Place: 
quest for the wolfbane flower 
Part 3, Oberon, Puck, and Wolfbane

A continuation of the werewolf  story (writer's workshop) demonstrating how a story can also be used to support learning.
Red and black cloth 
in the tree trunk

Spoiler warning:  

  • If you are reading Werewolf sequence as a story, this article will give away important information.  
  • Remember, the Werewolf story is written for illustration.
  • The story at Fantasy Place follows the monomyth template of Campbell. 

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Scene 3F Lobo, Eric, Kate

  • Lobo and Eric on the ground near Oberon's place.  
  • Kate descending the stairs from Oberon's place.  
  • Kate (Smugly ):  Okay,  That's taken care of.   Puck is in the tree in his friendly red and black.  Oberon's not just a womanizer, he's an egotist.  That makes him a sucker.
  • Eric:  Oberon agreed to help us?
  • K:  Of course not.  I asked him to help me.  I did not mention you two.  An egotist is always ready to help a poor helpless lady.   
  • Lobo: So we search the tree for red and black.  I see no one of any color
  • Kate:  You float up there and search it close.  Remember Puck is the trickster.
  • Lobo: The people here don't deal with strangers. We must show we know their ways.

Scene 4F Lobo and Puck

  • {Black and red cloth is hidden in the tree over Oberon's place. On click, conversation between Puck and Lobo is given.}

  • Puck:  Here is Puck at his boss's urgin'.
  • Lobo: I heard of you as the flying virgin.
  • Puck: How did you know where to seek me?
  • Lobo: Your boss sad seek you in the tree.
  • Puck:  But there you looked and saw me never. 
  • Lobo:  I know that Puck is vastly clever. 
  • Puck:  A meaning you would have to pin.
  • Lobo: I quickly knew that in means in,
  • Puck:  You pass the test; now claim your prize.
  • Lobo:  The wolfbane flower before my eyes.
  • Puck:   One last quest before you lies. The wolfman's touch will make it rise.
  • Lobo:  I beg you point me to its nook.
  • Puck:  The root lies where you last will look.
  • Puck:  Eyes and brain are sometimes parted.  Just go back to where you started.
  • Puck:  But lest your quest should come to grief, the prize will rise beneath a leaf.
  • Puck:  If you need a better spotter, a place where you can walk on water.
  • (Silence)

Scene 5F Lobo, Katie, Eric

  • {In Oberon's house}
  • Eric: You always find it in the last place you look. That's trivial!
  • Katie:  There is a deeper meaning.  
  • Lobo:  Yes.  We looked everywhere when we started.  
  • Katie:  Except, perhaps, that last place.
  • Lobo:  That would be in a place where we would not expect a flower.  
  • Katie:  But a place with a leaf.
  • Lobo:  The trees have lots of leaves. And we did not think to look there?
  • Katie:  There are leaves in the water.  
  • Lobo:   Did we really look there?   
  • Eric:  Probably not.  We can see the water lilies at a glance.
  • Katie:  But you don't expect other flowers there.
  • Lobo:  And you need water to walk on water.  
  • Katie:  What else do you need? 
  • Lobo:  The thing we did not look under!
  • {Lobo floats off toward the water}
Red and black cloth 
under the bridge

On click the rezzing starts

The wolfbane flower appears 
on the bridge

A click on the wolfbane flower 
gets a notecard with the resolution

    6F Puck, Lobo, Eric, Katie

    • Notecard on the rezzed wolfbane (in red/black)
    • On click, note card gives orange burst, thunder, and note:
    • -
    • Wolfman wins and that is sure.  Enter the flower to take the cure.
    • Now forget the werewolf lore.  Lobo is a wolf no more.   
    • Now we welcome all you three.  Will you want to go back home?
    • Or will you live in fantasy?  Will you stay and from here roam? 
    • Wishing you a load of luck.-- Your ever faithful fantastic Puck
    • -
    • The three questors speak with great excitement:
    • Katie: I somehow believe Puck. 
    • Eric: Lobo, my brother, you are no longer damned!  I can sense it!
    • Lobo: I can feel it!  The baptism of the wolfbane has washed away the taint!
    • Eric:  What shall we do for celebration?
    • Lobo:  We shall plan a new quest.  We must get the two of you back home.
    • Katie:  And Lobo will not come, I think. He can choose to stay.  But so can we.
    • Eric:  Shall I go back to an empty house?  Where no one needs me?
    • Lobo:  I must stay.  I float here. I crawl there.    
    • Katie:  Blanken surely needs a werewolf hunter.
    • Eric:  No longer.  Father Dark was the last. 
    • Katie:  I have nothing to go back to.  No husband, no knitting--and I hate cooking.
    • Lobo: The mushrooms here taste like the best cooking I have ever tasted.  
    • Eric:  What is a werewolf hunter without werewolves?   I am nothing!
    • Katie:  What is a woman without a man?  Without knitting.  Without cooking.  Without even cleaning?
    • Eric (dejected): Nothing to be done. 
    • Lobo:  Unless we do something.  Unless we choose to do something.  
    • Eric: How can we choose without options?
    • Katie: If we have no options, we can choose to find options.     
    • Lobo:  We always have options.  In fact, we were discussing options. 
    • Katie: Go back or stay?  But what shall we do while staying? 
    • Eric (despairing):  What can we do?  
    • Lobo:  Start another quest. 
    • Katie:  A quest to find our options!  A quest for a quest!  
    • Lobo:  Why are we here?  We know why we came, but...
    • Katie:  But someone went to a lot of trouble to get us here.
    • Lobo:  The flying angel gave the first clue.  
    • Katie:  The flying angel brought us here.  But why? 
    • Eric:  There must have been a reason.  How do we find it? 
    • Lobo:  I think we just found our quest. 
    • Katie:  I think so too.  
    • Eric (brightening):  But where do we start?  
    • Lobo: A quest within a quest.  
    • Katie:  Le'ts put it off till tomorrow.  It is getting dark.
    • Lobo:  And the full moon is rising.   Beautiful, isn't it?


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