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2019 WRITE: WW: Writer's workshops in the virtual worlds (MUVEs). Some as near as your browser. Summary

Writer's workshops 
in the virtual worlds (MUVEs). 
Some as near as your browser.  Summary 
Updated 7/2/2019
You can meet writers in your home office (or wherever you use your computer).  You can go to places that invite you to tell a story.  You can join with a group of writers from all over the world.  You can write a short story that gets published in a blog (if you want).
Writer's Circle, Waterstage

Goals for a web-based workshop

  • Usable 24/7
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Usable to serve a group or one person alone
  • Provide a shared scene for a group
  • Allow for shared characters.
  • Provide a shared scene and shared characters.
  • Provide prompts for character and plot development

About writing


Death for dessert

The story in the scene

Web-worlds: meet in your browser 

Operating and designed for writers

Plot development in a story scene

Engagement plans

        Derivative uses

        In your browser

        Scene: Objectives

        • Every scene has objectives, usually several.
        • Exposition:  Tell something from the backstory that reader needs to know.
        • Character presentation: Characters show aspects of their characters.
        • Character growth: the character has a changing experience.
        • Mood: something happens that is funny, scary, sad, thrilling.

        Online writing communities


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