Sunday, December 2, 2018

2018 WRT: MUVE: VIDEO: "The last werewolf in Blanken" A writer's workshop in 3D

"The last werewolf in Blanken"  A writer's workshop in 3D

A video about a workshop for writers being developed in 3D MUVEs of OpenSimulator.  People with access to the hypergrid can visit the MUVE.  Anyone with access to the internet can visit another version being developed as a web page running in a browser.

Video captured at Nara's Nook 

  • Go there via the Hypergrid:  :
  • Manor
  • Nara's Nook grid:
  • A similar MUVE is under development for access in a browser.
  • That development is a little behind the MUVE at Nara's Nook
  • You can visit the browser version: 3DWebWorldz 
  • look on the menu under "writers", go to Writers Swamp.
  • The region name, Dark Manor, is not connected with The Dark Manor Haunted House

Credits: video and story

  • MUVE file (OpenSim OAR): Linda Kellie
  • Imported, adapted and hosted:  Nara Nook
  • Story:  Selby Evans, Talia Sunsong, Nathan Adored
  • Video performers: Talia Sunsong, Selby Evans, Nathan Adored
  • Note: the child avatar is operated by an adult.
  • Video capture, editing, and publication:  Selby Evans
  • Video captured at Nara's Nook, Dark Manor MUVE (sim)

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