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2018 EDU: WRITE: The writer's colony at Nara's Nook needs writers to test a story-exercise

The writer's colony at Nara's Nook needs 
writers to test a story-exercise 

A writer's workshop under development now has one major element ready for initial evaluation.  Here the developers invite writers to try out the story-exercise feature and provide evaluation.  
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Writer's Swamp

Evaluators:  Go there any time

  • HG address:
  • Manor
  • Put the HG address in the Find bar of the World Map. Click Find, TP
  • As you arrive at the Writer's Swamp, look around for a large box.
  • Click the box for starting instructions. 
  • From there, start the story and explore around the mansion.



  • Create an interactive experience in a MUVE (virtual world) to give users practice in generating story scenarios.


  • Create a serialized story in which each episode stimulates the visitor to imagine what comes next.
  • Ensure that each episode makes the visitor want to see what comes next.
Instructions and the first note

Details for OpenSim places

  • OAR files are imported into Nara's Nook and made available to the public.
  • A story is told in notecards placed around the MUVEs (sims). 
  • The notecards are easily found and carry a significant part of the story.
  • A notecard carries a note from a character, a scene with dialog, or narrative exposition.
  • The visitor must supply part of the story by inference.
  • Each notecard advances the story and keeps the visitor interested.
  • The notecards are placed to be found in a sequence that roughly fits the story.
  • Occasionally the visitor must solve a puzzle to continue the

Questions for evaluators

  • Did all the notecards fit together to make a story?  
  • Did the notecard episodes keep your interest?  Which ones were the weakest?
  • Do you have any suggestions to improve the story?  What?
  • Did you find all the notecards you needed to follow the story?  Any suggestions?
  • Were the puzzles of suitable difficulty for you?  If not, do you have recommendations?
  • Did the puzzles work as you expected?  If not, where did they fail?
  • Did you think of other scenarios as you went through the story? 
  • What else should we be asking? 

How to give an evaluation

  • Leave a comment in the comment section at the bottom of this article


TBD projects 

  • These projects have emerged from evaluations.
  • Renumber the notecards so it is easy for visitors to put them in order.
  • Mark each notecard to show the story element it represents.
  • Add NPCs and PMAC features to illustrate story-telling in a MUVE (virtual world).


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