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2015 HELP: HG: Pandora, an NPC learning lab. An NPC is a body double for an avatar

Pandora, an NPC learning lab
An NPC is a body double for an avatar
Used for video production and immersive stories
Non-Player Characters (NPCs)  are made as duplicates of avatars.  They can be animated to duplicate animated actions of avatars.  They are of particular value for making videos, where they can be used in many scenes in place of the duplicated avatar.  They are also of value in immersive stories, where they can appear characters in the stories.  NPCs can be created and used in OpenSim, not Second Life
NPC kits at Pandora
  • Tutorials
  • Examples of uses
  • Immersive and Interactive Stories
  • Role-play as story
  • Stories move to multi-media
  • The story returns to the people
  • OSSL functions and threat level restrictions

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  • Imagination is not the opposite of reality.  Imagination is the future of reality 

News and Notes

SciFi Film Festival

  • Deadline for Regular submissions Midnight – 1 August 2015
  • Deadline for Late Submissions Midnight – 29 August 2015

Summer of Arts submissions open on Metropolis

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Marching NPCs as Jazz band

Role-play as story

That is an NPC beside me
PMAC Demo bench  
Solve a code story
  • This story used to need a detective.
  • Now you are the detective.
Instructions for an interactive story

Immersive and Interactive Stories

Stories move to multi-media

  • If you can talk, you can tell a story.
  • If you can type, you can write a story.
  • If you can handle mp3 files, you can put music and sound effects on a story
  • If you can handle jpg files, you can add pictures to your story.
  • If you can handle video capture and editing, you can show your story.
  • If you can build a 3D world, you can let the audience be part of your story.
  • A 3D build can let your audience see what you see in your head.  
  • Maybe it will help you in writing, too

The story returns to the public

  • In the age of the printing press and movie production, 
  • stories came from publishers and movie producers.
  • They had the presses and the cameras
  • In the digital age, stories belong to the people
  • We have the computers and the internet.
  • We can tell our stories with the vast capabilities these offer--
  • If we know how to use those capabilities.
Interactive flash fiction
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OSSL functions and threat level restrictions

News and Notes

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