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2018 WRITE: Exercises for a 3D writers workshop: place and characters

Exercises for a 3D writers workshop:
place and characters 

Writers of Nara's Nook are developing a writer's workshop designed to help writers or groups of writers practice some of the skills needed.  This section deals with ideation and character development.  
Starting view in the werewolf scene
  • The first area of the workshop is available in 3DWebWorldz.
  • (Instructions below)
  • A similar version will soon be available at Nara's Nook online Writer's Colony

Writer's workshop plans

Metaverse events, recent and upcoming


How to get to the workshop

  • Go to 3DWebWorldz
  • You can log in as a guest--no registration, no password.
  • If you don't choose a destination, you will start at the 0rientation Room.  
  • There are instructions there about how to move around and interact.
  • To go 3D, click the 3D area.  
  • Move the mouse, press the arrow keys, press Page Up and Page Down.
  • Get a feel for what these controls do
  • To leave the 3D mode, press Esc
  • Mouse over the buttons at lower left, read what they do.
  • Find the one that offers teleport directory:  Click that.
  • Scroll down, looking for Writers Swamp.  Click that to enter it.
  • 3DWW is social VW. How to start


  • Writing groups upload free OARS, creating a fictional world.
  • They use these worlds for practice of specific writing skills.
  • For scene development, they will use role-playing in the environment.
  • For plot development, they will find idea packages and develop plots.
  • For character development, they will choose characters and enact them in role play.
  • Nara's Nook Virtual Writer's Colony will start the workshops.
  • They will add exercises and suggestions to stimulate ideas for visitors.

Working the workshop

  • On close inspection, some objects will have floating text.  
  • A click on one of these may give you an idea to work on.

With a group

  • Gather a group of people interested in practicing the skills of writing.
  • Bring them in and give them an exercise.

By yourself

  • If you find an exercise that suits you, do Part 1.  
  • Try to get a few friends to join you in doing Part 2
  • Or do Part 1 several 
  • If you find a story idea interesting develop it a bit to see where it goes. 

Role play exercise 1 on a new world (RP) Ideation

  • You are a group of investigators studying this world (think of Myst).

Part 1 (individual) answer these questions in your notes

  • How did this place come to be?
  • What characters played a major role in creating this place?
  • What characters are here a lot?
  • What was the regular pattern of activities here?
  • What might have happened to disrupt it?
  • What new character might have appeared and disrupted the regular pattern?
  • Save your notes

Part 2. (group)  Gather and share notes (in voice)

  • Each player distributes notes (from Part 1) to the others
  • Each player presents answers in voice (as an investigator)
  • The group responds as investigators, asking questions or offering suggestions.
  • The group prepares a summary of the observations (which need not agree).
  • Those who cannot make the meeting get a copy of the summary.

Part 2. (Solo) 

  • Imagine a trio of your favorite detectives discussing your findings.  
  • What do they say? 

Role play Exercise 2: Characters  


  • Pick an interesting character that fits with this place or clashes with it.
  • Role play the character
  • Why would you come here?
  • Who else do you find here?  
  • Which of these characters is most important to you?  Why?
  • What is your most important goal now?
  • Save your notes.

    Group (in voice and in character)

    • Pick the strongest characters from the individual suggestions
    • Each strong character gives his or her answers to the questions above.
    • Characters with answers that fit together move to stand next to each other.
    • (Fit together may mean have shared goals or have clashing goals.)
    • When characters have answers that don't fit together, they move farther apart.
    • Subgroup: confer privately with others whose answers fit with yours. 
    • (Make notes on the subgroup conference.)
    • If you can't get a group, use part 2 (solo) above.

    Story Seeds

    Place-based exercises

    Story-telling in 3D




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