Monday, December 14, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: Security for online education. Can a place be easy to access and still be secure against griefers? That's one reason why we need a digital campus.

Security for online education.  
Can a digital campus be easy to access 
and still be secure against griefers?  
Security on the digital campus:  The school controls who can enter, where people can go and what they can do.  But there are online risks.


The school  

Controlled access

  • New educational term: Batch Registration: for schools and organizations in virtual worlds
  • The school controls registration. Only registered users get to the digital campus.
  • Registration assigns  to each person a status that determines where they can go. 
  • Access can be by password, facial recognition, or fingerprint.

Discipline management

  • A digital environment can save a record of any infraction: voice, text  or visual.
  • Anyone who misbehaves can be disciplined:
  • Speaking privileges suspended.
  • Text chat suspended.
  • Avatar movement suspended.
  • Banished to a disciplinary place.  
  • Notice sent to supervising adult (K-12).



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