Sunday, December 22, 2019

2019 #VWEDU: Can you put a high school next to a porno place? Not even in a virtual world. But there are solutions

Can you put a high school next to a porno place? 
Not even in a virtual world.   
But there are solutions

If you don't control the site, you can't manage the publicity.
The Empty Classroom
  • Maybe they are next door

The problem

  • Educator: Second Life As A Teaching Tool Would Never Work On "Woke" College Campuses Of Today (Comment Of The Week)
  • They don't have to be next door to be a problem.  Just on the same grid.
  • Porn gets press.  A parent sees an article: "The porn shop on XYZ grid.
  • "Look, dear." says Mama, "this article is about the grid junior goes to for his history class."
  • "My God," the principal gasps. "I had no idea that they had stuff like that on our teaching grid." 
  • "But the students are confined to our sim, "explains the history teacher.  "They can't go to the rest of the grid."    
  • "Sure.  They registered as students," Papa points out.  "That showed them how to  register as adults.  If you think they won't do that, you don't understand teens."

The cause

  • The school doesn't control the grid where it is located.
  • It l just leases spaces from the grid operator.
  • The grid leases to others with different interests.  
  • Publicity may connect the school  to any of these others.
  • Solutions after the break.


School runs its own grid

  • OpenSimulator provides software the school can run on its own machine.
  • The school controls who can get in.  
  • Students enter from a page on the school's website.  
  • From their viewpoint they are going to another place in the school.

School leases server support

  • The school may not want to handle the physical machine.
  • It can lease server support from a commercial operator.
  • Servers for OpenSimulator
  • It would need its own technical support to run the grid.
  • Students enter from the school's website, a part of the school.  

School leases a fully operating grid


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