Monday, December 7, 2020

2020 #VWEDU: The unbundling of education. The free market gets a growing share of education. Parents get more control.

The unbundling of education.  
The free market gets a growing share of education. 
Parents get more control. 
The internet can deliver interactive educational experiences that go far beyond the passive experiences of books and videos.  The development costs for a particular experience can be spread over a large number of users and so can be much higher.  Thus the economics will favor creating educational experiences in bundles
The Empty Classroom

Unbundling education

Higher education

K-12 education

The bundles of education



  • Maintain conditions in which students learn.
  • Learning requires content, and practice with feedback
  • In the old days, content was unbundled into textbooks.
  • And the practice with feedback was managed by big institutions.
  • In the new days the internet allows bundling by content.

    Unbundling the institutions of education

    • The unbundled parts may come from various sources.
    • Private, charter and home schools are already one step into unbundling.
    • As are the developing learning pods.
    • Any school may step further into unbundling by using online courses.

    Why unbundle?

    • Facilities could be unbundled because they are instructional content.
    • LIke text books and plastic models of the brain.  
    • Suitable for use in many learning contexts, but only with an instructor.
    • Automated instruction might be unbundled because it requires technical skills.
    • And because it would be limited to field trips and beginner instruction.
    • Instructor-led training might be left where the instructors are.
    • Universities or instructional companies.

    Potential unbundlers

    • Any entrepreneurial contributor to education is a potential unbundler. 

    Instructional companies

    Instructional content providers

    Entrepreneurial teachers: Learning pods

    Entrepreneurial software

    • The Digital Teaching Assistant (DTA) for MUVES (virtual worlds): Summary

    Digital field trips

    Possible entrepreneurial universities

    The entrepreneurial educator


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