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2020 VW: WW: #VWEDU: #DTA Use-targeted learning plan for schools in digital worlds. Learners can pick the skills they need for the uses they intend. Gamified as a model

Use-targeted learning plan in digital worlds.
Learners can pick the skills 
they need for the uses they intend.
Gamified as a model
A gamified plan for learning how to use digital/virtual worlds is offered both as a suggestion for teaching the use of virtual worlds and as a model for gamification in other educational contexts.  This article is explicitly licensed Public Domain (CC0).

Practice goal setting 


  • Use-targeted learning plans rest on units of competency-based learning.
  • Use-targeted learning plans put the units into clusters of skills needed for practical objectives.
  • And they arrange each cluster into subclusters that can mark stages of learning progress.
  • The learner sees demonstrable achievement milestones marking progress.
  • And, for the more advanced uses, the learner can choose the objective.

Proposed roadmap for instruction in the use of virtual worlds

  • Identify the uses
  • Identify the user levels
  • Specify the skill sets required for each use-level combination.
  • Organize tool buttons and instructional units to fit the skill sets.

"Game" elements

  • Clearly specified goals and levels. (Practice goal seeking)
  • Closely spaced levels allow frequent achievements.  (Growth mindset)
  • User choices in targets and paths (Independence)
  • Levels based on what the learner can do.  (Objective success) 
  • Skills focus rather than "knowledge" focus.  
  • "Game" is in quotes because the elements serve for learning, not just for games.


Proposed roadmap: more detailed

Reference context

  • This roadmap is designed for organizations using Kitely Organizations.
  • The plan is designed for use with SceneGate and DTA support
  • Since the plan is use-oriented, it can be adapted to other viewers and virtual worlds.  
  • The concept can be adapted to any learning package that benefits from use-oriented learning. 

Kitely organizations


Major planning steps

  • Identify the uses of potential value.
  • For each use, identify the user levels that are steps to it.
  • Specify the skill sets required for each use-level combination.
  • Organize tool buttons and instructional units to fit the skill sets.
  • Prepare learning plan and exit criteria* for each use-level.
  • *Exit criteria=Competencies to be demonstrated for certification at that level.

SubLevels within each use-level

  • Guild model:
  • Apprentice: Can do some of the tasks
  • Journeyman:  Can do a complete job. (This sub-level gives exit badge.)
  • Master: Can show others how to do the job (required for tutoring)
  • Upper levels include the levels below.

General plan for a use-level unit 

How would this plan be used?

  • To organize a section of the knowledge base.
  • To organize virtual world controls (buttons, menus, options).
  • To show users what capabilities are available to them
  • To show new users that the learning curve is only steep if they make it so.
  • To certify capabilities (by the guild, organization, or grid)

Strawman guilds plan for digital worlds

The label "strawman" marks an early draft distributed for others to throw improvements at. 

Uses (guilds) for virtual worlds

  • Novice
  • Communicator
  • View rover
  • InGrid traveller
  • Visitor
  • Learner
  • Meeting participant
  • Traveller
  • Presenter
  • Inventory manager
  • Destinator
  • Media streamer
  • Land manager
  • Event manager 
  • Mentor
  • Performer
  • Videographer
  • Reporter
  • Scripter
  • Creator
  • More (TBD)

Strawman skill sets for some uses (guilds)

  • The label "strawman" marks an draft for others to throw improvements at. 
  • The designation Prerequisite means that this skill level is required for following skill levels.
  • The designation Choice means that this skill level is not requred for following skill levels.

Novice badge (prerequisite)

Communicator badge  (prerequisite)

View rover badge (prerequisite)

  • A: Familiar with all the ways to control the view seen by the user.
  • J:  Can view large and small objects from any desired viewpoint.
  • M: Can show novices how to view objects from any viewpoint.

InGrid traveller (prerequisite)

Visitor badge  (prerequisite)

    Learner Badge  (prerequisite)

    TBD (I will post DTA content pages to match badges with criteria and instruction.)

      Meeting participant badge  (prerequisite)


        Traveller badge  (prerequisite)

          Presenter badge (choice)


          Inventory manager badge (choice)


            Destinator badge

            • A: Can design landing points, teleports, and landmarks to get people to their destinations 

            Media streamer badge

            • A: Can establish media streams (Audio, MOAP) on a parcel.

            Land manager badge (choice)


            Event manager (choice)


              Mentor badge (choice)


                Performer badge (choice)


                    Videographer badge  (choice)


                        Reporter badge (choice)


                            Scripter badge (choice)


                                Creator badge (choice)



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